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13A SuperFuse mains Plug fuse, single

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  • Replacement 13A mains plug fuse makes it easy to upgrade power cables

  • Features a specially-developed version of our Super Burn In treatment

  • Includes DeoxIT Gold wipe for treating end caps before fitting

  • Supplied as a single fuse (packs of five are available here)

  • The Russ Andrews 13A SuperFuse™ is a replacement mains plug fuse designed to be used with our power cables and cables from other manufacturers. They feature a specially-developed version of our unique Super Burn In process. The SuperFuses are supplied with a DeoxIT™ Gold wipe for treatment just before fitting.

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    What's included

    Single 13A SuperFuse, DeoxIT Gold wipe, 'Fitted with SuperFuse' label, instructions, protective pouch.

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    Russ Andrews specification 13A mains cable fuses
    Unique Super Burn In treatment
    Nickel plated end caps
    Silver plated, copper fuse wire
    Length: 25.4mm Diameter: 6.3mm
    Ceramic body
    Supplied with DeoxIT Gold wipe
    Manufactured to BS 1362
    Excluded from our Lifetime Warranty
    Magazine Review

    "The price of the fuse which, initially, might have triggered howls of derision seemed, after the test, to be rather low. Low, that is, considering the improvements in sound quality."

    Verdict: 7
    Website: theaudiophileman.com
    Date: 3rd January 2015

    Read more about the review here.
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    60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    SuperFuses are covered by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: audition them in your own system for two months. Find out more.
    Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 4.5 / 5
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Chris Hicken
    16 Jun 2019
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    NA Spacedeck/arm/benz elevated to a whole new level with a single fuse, thousands of pounds worth of equipment massively improved for beer money, a no brainier to any hifi enthusiast. Now to the rest of the system!
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Paul Gillingham
    07 Jan 2019
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "13A Superfuse"
    Who would ever have thought it, changing such a small item as a fuse could make such a big difference. My hi-fi kit is high end, but I thought I would buy 3 fuses to try as I have heard so much about them. I guess you could call these fuses 'Small Wonder' they have released more bass, more top and more presence and I love them. Thank you.

    5 / 5

    reviewed by John Harris
    14 Mar 2018
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Very Worthwhile Improvement."
    Curiosity finally overcame scepticism and I tried a Superfuse in the mains cable to my integrated amp. The improvement was immediately apparent - more transparency in the sound picture, more body to the instrumental sounds. I have since added Superfuses to the mains cables of my phono-stage and CD player and again the improvement is readily apparent. The whole listening experience is so much more compelling
    5 / 5

    reviewed by anonymous
    13 Oct 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    Brings out details and eliminates unwanted noise, to produce a more focused sound. I have fitted a Superfuse to all of my cables and Superclamps. Essential for getting the most out of your Hi-Fi.
    4 / 5

    reviewed by Steve Morgan
    12 Oct 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Update On July Review"
    My last review in July was less than enthusiastic, but I had unknowingly had superfuzes in some power cables.
    I had a few left from previous order, so when I purchased a Denon 41 mini system and q acoustic speakers for the conservatory, I thought why not try one in the standard lead.
    I have to say that some humble pie was eaten, as the imaging and focus of the music was improved.
    Not sure how but the improvement was evident.
    Customer Service Reply Thanks for your updated review!
    1 / 5

    reviewed by Steve Morgan
    13 Jul 2017
    13a superfuse mains plug fuse%2c single Review
    Bought 4 to replace all in my power cables, but found I already had 2 I the main components. Changed them anyway, listening to the same track as I went along. There appeared to be some subtle differences, but that could have been tired ears. Disappointed but not suprised that there were not the improvements events that others seem to suggest. But hey ho only £100 and free shipping..
    Customer Service Reply Thanks for taking the trouble to leave a review. If I'm reading your comments correctly, you found that adding the two additional SuperFuses to your lesser components didn't bring any further substantial improvements. Thanks for giving the additional SuperFuses a try... that's exactly what the 60 day Money Back Guarantee is for. Don't forget that if you aren't happy with any of our standard cables and accessories (including our SuperFuses), you can return them within 60 days for a refund (you can find out more information on our money back guarantee by following the links at the top of each page).
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Mike Bickley.
    13 Apr 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Mains Fuse Sound Improvements"
    I have now refused almost all the items in the kit the turntable being the only item still to do. These include CD Player, Amplifier, phono amp, tuner and subwoofer.

    The phrase 'sum of the parts' certainly applies to fuses when they are installed incermentally over a period of time. Thouroughly recommended.
    4 / 5

    reviewed by Mike Bickley
    10 Mar 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Highly Commended."
    I sarted using superfuses, in the following order: amplifier, tuner and phono stage. I thought that there were improvements, but nothing to rave about, I was migrating from another manufactures specialist fuses.
    The next stage was to replace the fuse in the plug which supplies the BenDuncan isolation transformer, and the fuse in plug to the splitter board.
    This gave the biggest improvement yet opening the sound up and an increase in speed.
    RA fuses have yet to be added to Stax energiser power supply, CD player and turntable power supply.
    4 / 5

    reviewed by Rob Graham
    06 Mar 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Clear Improvement"
    Like most l swithered on whether these fuses would make an audible difference. Having tried one in my Powerkord for the CD Player, the improvement was fairly substantial after only a few tracks so, as recommended in a review further below, I was straight on the website to get another for my hi-fi's extension block and, even greater was the audible improvement throughout. Next stop may well be RA's internal fuses.. nice job!
    3 / 5

    reviewed by steven elphinstone
    13 Feb 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "13Amp Super Fuse"
    good way to improve sound quality
    5 / 5

    reviewed by TRE
    26 Jul 2016
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    ra 13a superfuse single Review
    Adds a degree of focus and drive to a systems potential.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Pietro Di Petta
    25 Jul 2016
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Unbelievable Value!"
    I have pretty much every mains device Russ sells, about £6000 worth of boxes and cables...and I still heard an improvement!! I fitted one internally to my CD player as well as the plug. My impressions: Music is much more listenable, clear, spacious and bass has serious heft, volume can go LOUD without distortion, so live albums are intoxicating, especially through headphones. I also spared a thought for the passion and integrity that goes into the products...Thank you most sincerely Russ.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Russell McInnes.
    25 Jul 2016
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Worth Every Penny"
    I replaced the fuses in all my supercords and was immediately impressed. Better rhythm, detail, smoother treble. more presence and realism to voices and instruments. Deeper better controlled bass etc etc. After a few weeks the sound seemed a bit shouty however. Then I realised I had forgotten about the fuses in my extension blocks. Replacing these has been a REVELATION!!
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Peter Chadwick
    21 May 2016
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Fabulous Value For Money"
    I bought my first SuperFuse a year ago for my 19 year old Arcam amp (which already had a PowerKord) and was immediately impressed. My Arcam CD player (which also has a PowerKord) has just been repaired after being out of service for a year: as soon as I got it back I bought another SuperFuse which arrived this morning. Having spent most of the day listening to music, I'm even more impressed than I was after buying the first one. More music, and the sound of people playing instruments together (although they rarely are, of course). For anyone still wondering whether to risk buying a SuperFuse - stop wondering and just try one. At the very worst all you will lose is the cost of postage, but I'll bet you won't be returning the fuse.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by John Holgreaves
    20 Dec 2015
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "More Detail"
    I went to the checkout on four occasions to buy 5 fuses. Each time I said "No John, don't be silly £125 for 5 fuses". I eventually pressed the Buy key! WOW! excellent performance, should have bought them ages ago. One final twist 2 days later they came on special offer. I'm not complaining.
    Customer Service Reply Thank you for your feedback, we're delighted you are getting on well with your fuses. I'm sorry you missed out on the special offer; one of our customer care team will be in touch with you shortly to make amends.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by andy souter
    11 Dec 2015
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Ra13A Superfuse"
    Really great improvements using 4 fuses.
    Most noticeable was the ability to produce very convincing detail and musicality where the music is particularly quiet. This was not there before and resulted in much more rewarding listening , many thanks
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Nigel Sheepwash
    18 Nov 2015
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Excellent Upgrade That Achieves More Then You Think"
    I first fitted one of these to replace the Russ Andrews fuse in my CD player. Put on a Billy Joel album I have listened to for twenty years. By the end of the first song I was online purchasing another for my amp.

    I could hear more definition and punch to the music and I only listen at low volumes.

    Have now replaced all the fuses in my source components and extension cable. Expensive, yes if you think of it as just a fuse. But once you've heard it its a definitive improvement.