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Aerial SuperSocket™

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Improves aerial (antenna) connections and also helps reduce hum from speakers

  • Fully screened isolated TV/FM Diplexer outlet for connection to a single coaxial lead with combined TV and FM signals.
  • Twin Aerial socket
  • Treated with DeoxIT DN5 contact enhancer
  • Fitted with ground loop isolator (see below)
  • Fitted with a Diplexer (see below)
  • Female coax sockets (requires cables fitted with male coax plugs)

    Our Opinion
    If you've an aerial socket fitted to your wall and want to improve the connection of your aerial cable, fit one of our Aerial SuperSockets. We've tested and chosen the best performing socket and treated it internally with DeoxIT®.

    Equipped with two female coax sockets, suitable for radio or TV or both.

    Ground loop isolator

    If you've ever noticed a hum coming through the speakers in a system that includes a TV tuner - or any piece of equipment that connects to an aerial - it could be because there's a ground loop. It's much more common now to connect equipment that has a TV tuner in it (your DVD recorder or Sky set-top box, for example) to a Hi-Fi amplifier or Home Cinema amp and it's this connection that's the cause of the hum. It'll be there even when you're listening to your CD player through your system.

    The reason is because your system is grounded in two ways; through your interconnect leads and through your aerial lead. The way to solve the problem is to break the earth connection in the aerial lead with a ground loop isolator which is built into the aerial SuperSocket.

    Ground loop isolators are also available separately here if you cannot or do not want to replace your socket.


    A diplexer is a device that combines signals from two or more sources such as a FM aerial and TV aerial into a single output, so that only one coax cable needs to be used between the aerials and the wall socket. One diplexer joins the two signals together (usually in the loft). Another diplexer (in the Aerial SuperSocket) then separates the signals to the separate TV and Tuner outputs of the socket.

    One of the great advantages of a Diplexer is that if you are adding a second aerial, you can send the signal down the existing cable, as it eliminates the need for the difficult installation of unsightly extra cables.

    If you’re adding another aerial, you will need to purchase a separate Diplexer (available from all good electrical shops and installers) which is usually installed in the loft or on the mast of one of the aerials.
    PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend that this work is carried out by a professional installer.
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    Overall product rating 5 / 5
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Chris
    09 Oct 2015
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    Better than the average socket by far and smart looking too.