Unique Cable Upgrade Program
Please note: you will need to have bought the original cable direct from us in the first place to be able to use our Unique Cable Upgrade Program.

How the Cable Upgrade Program works:
Purchase your new cable and allow yourself 60 days In Home Trial to make sure you are totally happy with it.

You must then return your original cable within 14 days after this time for a refund. Please follow these steps to return your cables safely.

We'll inspect your old cable and decide on its refund value based on its age and condition, and refund the amount back to you.

By returning your old cable, you agree to keep the new cable you have tried on the 60 day In Home Trial.

Refund Values:
The refund value of the cable depends on its condition and age. Maximum values are given where we judge your cable to be in 'original condition' (i.e. undamaged). Obviously we can't confirm the refund value until we've seen the cable!

Refund values for standard cable lengths:
  • Up To 100% of purchase price if returned within one year.
  • Up to 75% of purchase price if returned within two years.
  • Up to 50% of purchase price if returned over two years.

Non-standard cables (lengths and terminations which are not listed in our catalogue) receive 10% lower part-exchange value. So, for example, if you upgrade a cable that you bought within 2 years you will receive up to 65% of the purchase price rather than 75%.

Remember to plan ahead! If you are hoping to qualify for the 'Within 1Year' refund value you need to have returned the original cable to us within 1 year of the purchase date. To take full benefit of the 60 In-home Trial on the new cable and further 14 days to return the original cable, then you need to upgrade no later than 9 months after buying the original cable.

The Details:
1. By 'Upgrade' we mean within the same product group (e.g. from one Kimber interconnect to another Kimber interconnect), with the new cable being of a higher quality than the old cable;

2. Cables returned for upgrade must have been bought from us as new (but we will offer up to 50% partial refund on pre-owned cables bought from us);

3. The cable you upgrade to must be a full priced new cable. Cables bought during sale times are also included. Pre-owned, demo cables, clearance cables are not;

4. Where the cable you upgrade to is shorter, or you are replacing a bi-wire with single wire, we calculate partial refund values on an individual basis;

5. If you decide to keep the new cable, you must return your old cable within 14 days after the 60 Day In Home Trial has expired to qualify for a refund;

6. By 'Within 1 Year' we mean that the original cable must be returned to us within 1 year of date purchased. This principle also applies to the 'Within 2 Years' statement;

7. Our decision is final, discussion will not be entered into.

Not included:
Changing to better plugs - please contact us for a quote;
Buying a longer length of the same cable.

Pre-owned Cables:
We sell your old cable as pre-owned and these will be made available on our website at various times.