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This machine has only cleaned around 10 records since being opened from brand new, so represents a fantastic bargain. Fully tested.

  • Fully automated record cleaning machine

  • Powerful Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Counter-rotating microfibre cleaning barrels gently dislodge dirt

  • Washes and dries each record in about 6 minutes

  • Fluid is constantly filtered

  • The Audio Desk Systeme Gläss Pro Vinyl Cleaner is a mains-powered, fully-automatic vertical record cleaning machine. Once the LP is inserted into the bath of fluid, the machine uses a combination of microfibre cleaning barrels and ultrasonics to gently dislodge dirt from the surface of the LP and deep in the grooves. Once cleaned, the machine automatically switches over to 'drying mode' and completely dries the disc. The machine cleans and dries both sides of the LP at once and after about six minutes the vinyl is dry and ready to play.

    What's included

    Pro Vinyl Cleaner machine, power supply, mains cable, 1 bottle of cleaning fluid concentrate, 1 bath filter, 1 set of 4 microfibre barrels, fabric cover, instructions

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    Mains-powered fully-automatic record cleaning machine
    Integral 4.5l bath for holding record cleaning fluid
    Supplied with 1 bottle of record cleaning fluid concentrate
    Water capacity: 4.5l (water not supplied)
    Dimensions: 330mm x 270mm x 200mm WHD
    Weight: 5.5kg (empty)
    Available as standard with grey casework
    Black, white and red colour options are available to special order
    Two year warranty
    The Audio Desk Systeme Gläss Pro Vinyl Cleaner is supplied with everything you need to get started. There are two bottles of cleaning fluid concentrate which is added to water. That's enough to clean about 100 LPs before it needs to be replaced - replacement bottles are available from us here.

    In addition, we recommend that the following are replaced after cleaning 500 LPs - the microfibre cleaning barrels, cleaning bath filters and wiper blades. The fan filters should be replaced after cleaning approximately 1000 LPs.

    We carry everything you need to keep your Pro Vinyl Cleaner in top working order.
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