Mini Purifier

Our highly respected Mini Purifier is an excellent addition to any system as it filters out mains noise over a wide frequency range - in essence, it's a great choice for anyone wanting to reduce general noise on the mains.

• Highly effective 'wide-band' parallel mains filtration
• Integral SuperClamp provides protection from spikes and surges
• Compact, effective design, suitable for small or large Hi-Fi or Home Cinema systems

Russ always recommends the Mini Purifier as a 'first stop' because it's pretty well guaranteed to bring benefits whatever your situation, but it’s also a great choice even for those with existing mains filtration. Mini Purifier is a bit like a turbocharged Silencer so, like that product, it can be used to either create a ‘quiet zone’ next to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema, or plugged into a spare socket near to sources of noise, such as washing machines, fridge-freezers, computers and wi-fi routers.

Mini Purifier works passively, meaning that it has none of the drawbacks of some other mains filters – drawbacks such as loss of musicality and reduced dynamic range.

You must spend £150 to be able to claim your Half Price Mini Purifier and the Half Price Mini Purifier cannot contribute towards the £150 spend.

When ordering online, you will be given the option to add the Mini Purifier at the checkout.

MINI PURIFIER with SuperClamp
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