How to use the Wishlist feature.

Our Wishlist feature allows you to create a list of all the products you'd really like to own in the future. It's easy to use by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the product you want to add to your Wishlist and scroll down and click "Add to Wishlist" (highlighted below).

wishlist image 1
2. You will then see the confirmation "This item has been added to your Wishlist". To see your Wishlist, click on the underlined "Wishlist" - see below.

Wishlist image 3
3. You can come back to your Wishlist any time by clicking on the "WISHLIST" at the top of every page (see below).

Wishlist image 3

4. This will take you through to your list, which looks like this:

wishlist image4
5. When you are ready to buy any of the items on your list, simply click on the "ADD TO BASKET" and checkout in the usual way.