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LC Precision Nylon Brush

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Precision Record Cleaning Brushes

Optimised for wet record cleaning, these easy to use brushes are perfect for manual cleaning or in conjunction with a machine such as those from Loricraft.

Featuring very fine, but reasonable stiff nylon bristles that help get deep down into the groove without damaging the vinyl.

Available in 3 sizes - 7”, 10” and 12” Sizing refers to the diameter of the vinyl records you're cleaning. Not the width of the actual brush!

The sizes of the actual brushes are :

7" - Bristle width: 40mm / Bristle height: 21mm
10" - Bristle width: 80mm / Bristle height: 21mm
12" - Bristle width: 97mm / Bristle height: 21mm

Both brushes are suitable for both vinyl and shellac records.
Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 5 / 5
5 / 5

reviewed by James
02 Aug 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
"Its A Brush, It Spreads The Fluid Well, And Scrubs The Record."
Cleaned on an Okki Nokki using 50% IMS

I started with a charity shop purchase. Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition" Decca "World of Great Classics" SPA 229. Not the best pressing around, but one typical of a dirty Charity Shop purchase. Other than the dirt it was in a good condition, flat, and no deep scratches. The record cleaned up well, and there was only the occasional 'tick' which was a obviously a pressing fault.the record was musically pleasing with good detail and acoustic.

Then onto an old favourite that I have used before as a system test. Suzanne Vega "Solitude Standing" original thin pressing on A&M. Obviously this has been cleaned previously both on the Okki Nokki and the home built MOTH I had previously. The record was nice and clean, detailed and sounded great.



This LM Precision Brush was generously supplied for me to review by Russ Andrews.