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Meridian M6 Loudspeakers Pair


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The new M6 digital active loudspeaker is a real visual departure from Meridian’s existing loudspeaker styling, but it is a genuinely high-performance Digital Signal Processing loudspeaker.

As initially impressed as we were with the appearance, the sound was almost as good as their far larger floor-standing loudspeakers: they sounded open and natural, with clean deep bass and no harshness to speak of – even when we turned them up loud!

With the M6, Meridian set out to design a loudspeaker that would sound good whilst blending seamlessly into your living room. The body of the loudspeaker is acoustically inert and is formed from a specially developed barium-doped resin which is uniquely heavy and rigid.

Although the M6 is a cylindrical loudspeaker, it is directional and gives a wide and precise three-dimensional soundstage; the bass driver is mounted so that it plays downwards and the tuned porting system further extends its performance so that the M6 speakers sound far larger than their compact size.

Meridian’s M6 amplifiers are housed in the base of the speakers themselves, so each speaker needs to be plugged into the mains supply.

The M6 speakers are fitted with Meridian's unique, proprietary, digital SpeakerLink connections for perfect integration with Sooloos, AC200 and other Meridian components.

A great partner for the M6's, as we mentioned above is the Meridian AC200 audio core which provides the correct outputs to the M6 loudspeakers and nine inputs to connect a wide range of sources.

This listing is for a pair of M6 Loudspeakers

The M6 loudspeaker / AC200 combination is ideal as:

  • A high-performance stereo Hi-Fi system
  • An effective partner for TV/ DVD and Blu-ray (for stereo sound)
  • A great companion for Meridian’s Sooloos digital music player

  • specification
    This listing is for a pair of M6 Loudspeakers


  • Frequency response in-room within 3dB from 38Hz to over 20kHz.
  • Output 106dB spl @ 1m on music material.
  • Noise less than 15dB spl.

  • Meridian SpeakerLink in and out (RJ45)


  • 2-way bass reflex system


  • Bass: 1x 140mm aluminium cone
  • de-range: 1x 85mm aluminium cone


  • Bass: 150W Class D with feedback, bridge-tied load
  • Wide-range: 100W super-linear low-feedback
  • Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level.


  • Height: 921mm (36.26in) on rubber Bumpons
  • Diameter: 300mm (11.8in) at base, 66mm (2.60in) at top


  • 18kg (39.6lb)


  • 110 - 120 Volt 50/60Hz
  • 220 - 240 Volt 50/60Hz

    Max Power Consumption:

  • 350 Watts
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