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Meridian Prime Power Supply


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Discontinued 19th August 2020. This page has been left available for informational purposes only

Reference Quality Meridian Power Supply

Meridian’s Prime Power Supply is a reference-quality, high-current design based on the new linear power supplies developed for Meridian’s 800 Reference Series and specifically built for audio applications.

The perfect partner for your Prime Headphone Amplifier
Built into an elegant, compact metal case designed by Allen Boothroyd that echoes the G Series, with no visible screws, and is double-skinned for lower noise, the Meridian Prime Power Supply can be used to power a range of Meridian products including the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier, Audio Core 200, Meridian Director and Media Source 200.

The use of this special low-noise, highly regulated linear power supply will help to deliver the highest possible audio performance from these and other systems requiring 12V dc power at up to 500mA. In addition a 5V USB supply is included with audio pass-through.

By affording a single input connection the unit can power several devices, reducing clutter. More significantly, an outboard power supply keeps AC noise away from sensitive audio circuitry.

True toroidal transformer
At the heart of the Prime Power Supply is a hand-assembled true toroidal transformer.

The transformer is a high-mass, low-profile, low magnetic field design. In addition to its integral magnetic shield, it’s mounted on a metal plate to shield electronics from noise.

Multiple outputs
Each output on the Prime Power Supply includes multi-stage regulation using a total of six extremely low noise linear regulators. Both the 12V and 5V USB outputs include pre-regulators prior to the output regulators. Even though the 12V outputs are rated at just 500mA, they utilise heavily specified 5A linear regulators, selected by a rigorous evaluation process including extensive listening tests.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prime PSU comes with a 0.5m link cable. Additional cables can be ordered in 1m lengths here

Meanwhile, the USB supply features a new high-efficiency low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator design that features less than 5µVrms output noise in the range 10 – 100k Hz.

The design also employs multiple capacitors for noise filtering along with Nichicon audio-grade reservoir capacitors.

The perfect upgrade for your Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier, Audio Core 200, Meridian Director DAC and the Media Source 200.

The rear panel of the Prime Power Supply features a C3-type power input socket. The mains input is carefully filtered. On the output side are five high-current 3-pin mini-DIN connectors, with a positive latching design to limit the chance of accidental disconnection.

Each socket provides 12V dc at up to 500mA, ideal for a range of Meridian products including the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier, Audio Core 200, Meridian Director and Media Source 200.

In addition there is a USB 5V 1A output designed to drive USB audio devices with reliable, low-noise power. A corresponding USB input is also provided, allowing USB data from a computer or tablet, for example, to be passed through the Power Supply to an output device like the Meridian Explorer, Director or Prime Headphone Amplifier.

  • 1x IEC C3 3-pole connector (Cloverleaf)
  • 1x USB input for audio pass-through
  • 5x latching 3-pin mini-DIN connectors providing 12V dc at up to 500mA
  • 1x USB output for powering external devices, delivering 5V dc at up to 1A. Passes USB data supplied via the pass-through input
  • Outputs include two stages of regulation
  • Front panel power button
  • Illuminated power button shows blue in standby, white when active.
  • Available models include 110–120V ac and 230V ac
  • Consumption 60W max
  • Silver metal finish uniform with G Series
  • Width: 160mm (6.3in); Depth: 150mm (5.9in) plus connectors; Height: 50mm (2.0in)
  • 1.6 kg ( 3.5 lbs)

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