Russ Andrews SuperFuses

What are SuperFuses?

Russ Andrews SuperFuses are mains plug fuses that are designed to replace the standard fuse fitted to UK-style 13A mains plugs. All Russ Andrews power cables are supplied as standard with our good quality Russ Andrews fuses, but we recommend fitting our SuperFuses for best performance. If you request them when ordering a new cable we will automatically fit them for you, or you can buy SuperFuses separately and retro-fit them to existing Russ Andrews cables, or to any other manufacturers' power cables. 

In addition to mains plug fuses, SuperFuses are also available as the smaller 20mm internal fuses commonly fitted to components such as CD players or amplifiers.

Internal SuperFuses

All Superfuses are high performance fuses which undergo our Super Burn In process and are hand-treated with DeoxIT contact enhancer. They are suitable for fitting to all Hi-Fi equipment power cables and equipment; the mains plug fuses are manufactured to BS1362.

Why did we develop them?
For some time we were intrigued by how much more performance could be extracted from the mains plug fuses fitted to UK 13A mains plugs. We already had had good performance from our Russ Andrews 13A mains plug fuses, but Russ wanted to apply a specially-developed version of our Super Burn-In process to our fuses. We built a jig and spent some time perfecting the Super Burn In recipe so it was suitable for applying to both mains plug fuses and internal 20mm equipment fuses. When we tested them, we were delighted with the results.

What's included?

When you buy our SuperFuses separately, as well as the SuperFuse itself, we include a DeoxIT Gold wipe. This allows you to treat the fuse itself and the fuse holder with the contact enhancer just before you fit it. We also include a 'Fitted with Russ Andrews SuperFuse' label to attach to your mains plug or equipment casework so you can keep track of where you have fitted your SuperFuses. Full fitting instructions are included and the fuse is supplied in a protective pouch. Packs of 5 fuses include five individual fuses of the same value, five labels, one DeoxIT Gold wipe and one set of instructions.

SuperFuse contents

SuperFuse values

Mains plug SuperFuses available in 13A, 10A and 5A versions. The 13A SuperFuse is the correct value to fit to one our Russ Andrews power cables as they are rated at 13A. 

Russ Andrews 13A SuperFuse fitted to PowerKord

SuperFuses can also be fitted to other manufacturers' power cables, and as a rule-of-thumb you should replace an existing fuse with the same value of SuperFuse. To find out more about choosing the correct value of mains plug SuperFuse for your power cable, read our Buying Guide Choosing The Correct Value Of Fuse.

Internal SuperFuses are available in 'timed' (slow blow) or fast blow versions. We have a range of values available in both types from 100mA to 6.3A and internal fuses must be replaced with a SuperFuse of the same value and type. The value of the fuse should be stamped on the end cap of the fuse though you may need a magnifier to see it: Slow blow fuses will be prefixed with a 'T' before the value - eg T 3.15A.


Fitting SuperFuses

SuperFuses are a straight swap for existing fuses. To replace the fuse in a mains cable, open the plug and replace the fuse with a SuperFuse of the same value. We include a 'Fitted with a Russ Andrews SuperFuse' label for you to attach to your plug so you can keep track of which cables have had the fuses fitted.

Fitted With SuperFuse Label attached to plug

To replace internal fuses with our SuperFuses, you may need to consult your equipment manual to find out how to replace the internal fuse. If you are lucky, you may find the internal fuse is built into the IEC socket on the back of your amplifier, or on the back panel, and it's easy to swap it without opening your equipment's casework.

Fitting an Internal SuperFuse

In other cases, it may be that the fuse is fitted internally and you may need to remove the casework lid to get access to it. Remember, it's important to replace your fuses with a SuperFuse of the same value and type.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

SuperFuses are covered by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which means you can audition them in your own system for up to two months. We're so confident that you'll be happy with the performance of them that we give you a full 60 days to try them at home - and if you’re not 100% satisfied with the improvements, you can send them back for a full refund. You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Remember that fuses are designed to fail in the event of a fault in the cable they are fitted to or to the equipment they are fitted in. This is for safety and may indicate a fault with the component. SuperFuses are excluded from our Lifetime Warranty.