Step 6 - Hi-Fi Power Sockets.


Key Points
• Low impedance sockets treated with DeoxIT® contact enhancer.
• UltraSockets include DCT.

• Signature Sockets include Rhodium plating and Super Burn In .


Once you've addressed your power cables , extensions and mains filtering, the next step is to replace the standard wall socket supplying your system. It's a simple thing but wall sockets really can make a difference to the electrical feed. 

Ordinary wall sockets are not optimised for audio use so it makes sense to upgrade them with lower impedance replacements.

no switchSwitch off

Like our mains extensions, our sockets are unswitched. Cheap in-line switching components increase impedance, so the first step is to choose a model without a switch.


Which model?

We offer three levels of replacement wall sockets to match your needs and budget.



SuperSocketSuperSockets are our fine-performing unswitched wall sockets that are treated with DeoxIT® contact enhancer. Available in single and double versions, with and without grounding terminal (see more below).

Find out more about SuperSockets here



UltraSocketUltraSockets are a major step up from our already impressive SuperSockets. UltraSockets are Deep Cryogenically Treated (DCT) as standard and are then treated with DeoxIT® contact enhancer to maximise contact performance.

Originally designed for chassis mounting, UltraSockets are only available as a single outlet fitted to a single or double backing plate, making them an easy swap for any size of wall socket. Available with and without grounding terminal

Find out more about UltraSockets here


Signature Sockets™

Signature Sockets are the best sounding UK sockets we’ve auditioned. Our existing UltraSockets are good, but the Signature Socket is a significant step up and is the very best 13A socket in our range.
Russ Andrews Signature Socket
Our experience with the use of Rhodium plating on our AQ mains plug and Wattgate IECs lead us to seek the same impressive performance from the wall socket. Fortunately, we were able to work with the manufacturer to produce a socket we are proud to see at the very top of our range.

In addition to the use of high-quality Rhodium plating, the performance of the Signature Socket is significantly boosted by the application of our full Super Burn In process. If you're looking for the very best performing socket to feed your system, this is it! Available with and without grounding terminal

Find out more about the Signature Socket here



All Russ Andrews sockets are available with a grounding post fitted to the front. This provides an easy point of connection for the Russ Andrews Grounding System and we highy recommend this option - even if you are not immediately considering grounding, for the small additional cost, it's worthwhile so you have the option.

Read more about grounding here

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