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Clarity Pro Standard UK version

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE and has been superceded by the new Symphony - click here for details.

This page has been left available for informational purposes only

Bringing Clarity

Clarity Pro is a whole system enhancer that uses the remarkable Coherence Technology which is a feature of our ClarityMains units. Clarity Pro differs from ClarityMains by improving the fidelity of the audio and video signals it is positioned close to (ClarityMains, on the other hand, is designed to work specifically on the mains supply). When powered up, the Clarity Pro radiates a small electromagnetic field into the environment. It's this 'wave' which, the manufacturers claim, helps to neutralise noise in audio circuits.

Under test in our systems the improvements were not subtle – the sound was clearer and more focussed, the soundstage was more three dimensional, there was more detail and bass was more tuneful.

Using the Clarity Pro

Clarity Pro needs to be positioned in the vicinity of your system for the best effect; the actual position depends on your own system and experimentation is recommended to find the best position. Some users have found that the units work better sat vertically rather than horizontally. The strength of the effect can be adjusted with the control on the front; additional adjustments can be made, if desired, via internal switches. Full instructions, including positioning and tuning advice are included.

The versions

Clarity Pro is powered by a standard, good-quality 12V DC power supply. Better performance can be had with an upgrade to the power supply using a Russ Andrews PowerPak power supply and PowerMax™ mains cable: see the upgraded version here.

About the Technology

The Clarity Pro is made for us by a technology company in the USA. To gain an understanding of what the device is and what it does, we spoke to the manufacturers to explain Coherence Technology. This is what they told us:

"Traditionally, there are three ways to improve an electronic circuit. You can improve the design, improve the materials and improve the ambient conditions in which the circuit operates. We believe that our Coherence Technology offers a fourth way of improving an electrical circuit.

"Coherence Technology neutralises noise inherent in circuits... noise that is caused by discrepancies of time and amplitude in the ground plane. By increasing the underlying coherence of the ground plane, the technology neutralises this noise. When we neutralise this inaudible noise there are improvements in the performance qualities of the audio signals. And there is also an improvement in the listener's ability to appreciate and gain greater entertainment value out of the sound reproduction."

Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget! We are so confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.

  • System enhancer incorporating Coherence Technology™
  • Adjustable control allows adjustment of the strength of the effect
  • Advanced design provides high-energy efficiency (approx. 4W consumption)
  • Full instructions including positioning and tuning for the best effect are included
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 40mm x 140mm WHD
  • Weight (excluding power supply): 0.4Kg
  • Review
    Hi-Fi World magazine coverThe August 2015 edition of Hi-Fi World magazine carries a new review of the Clarity Pro system enhancer. Reviewing, Paul Rigby spent quite some time experimenting with the different settings - both the external 'tuning' control and the internal dip switches - and with a "variety of vinyl rock and jazz pieces".

    This experimentation is important to note because the optimum settings will vary from system to system. In the reviewer's case he found that "position 3, with the fine tune knob at the 12 o'clock position did offer reverb enhancements in the upper mids". However, "turning the knob up to 'full', enhanced that effect, smoothing reverb but also 'darkening' it". That wasn't all though as he found that "the overall soundstage was also more airy and spacious which lightened the performance, giving it a sprightly feel while bass was smooth and punchy".

    So the time spent listening to the effect of these different settings was well worth the effort, and the results were very impressive: "Considering that my system was already finely fettled" he writes, the Clarity Pro offered a "remarkable performance".

    Concluding the short review, Paul is pretty emphatic about the results:"for the price, the Clarity does a good job and will... prove to be invaluable in removing noise to enable your hi-fi to perform more efficiently".

    Magazine: Hi-Fi World
    Issue: August 2015

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