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Torlyte Base Unit Set


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Torlyte® Base Unit Set

Torlyte® Base Units are part of the modular Torlyte® rack system. The flexible design allows you to create a customised support for your Hi-Fi system.

Each Torlyte® Base Unit can support two pieces of full-width equipment: one on the lower shelf and one on the top shelf. For a simple system consisting of a CD player or turntable and integrated amplifier one Torlyte® Base Unit is all you need. For systems with more components, additional shelves can be purchased to support each additional component.

Torlyte Base Units consist of two elements - The Torlyte® Base Unit Set on this page and the Torlyte Base Unit Leg Kit. Both must be purchased to give a complete Base Unit. The Base Unit Leg Kit is available in three sizes to give a Base Unit height to suit your kit.

The Base Unit Set consists of two pre-drilled Torlyte® boards and spiked feet. The Base Unit is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly; full instructions are provided.

Which feet?

Choosing the correct feet is critical in getting the best from your Torlyte® rack. Base Units can be fitted with either spiked feet or Jumbo Cone Feet.

We recommend Spiked feet for carpeted floors. If the floor under the carpet is concrete, you need nothing else, but if you have a wooden floor you need some way of stopping the spikes from sinking into the wood. Crosshead screws fixed into the floor are an excellent solution - the spikes can then be located into the screw heads. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

If you have a hard floor, such as wood or tiles then we recommend choosing Jumbo Cone Feet to effectively couple the rack to the floor. Read all about the importance of the feet by clicking here

Selecting the Finish

In its standard form, Torlyte® furniture is Sealed with a clear, water based lacquer. This adds a layer of protection to the natural wood finish.

However if required, Torlyte® can be supplied unsealed if you plan on staining or painting your Torlyte® a different colour to match its surroundings. But it's important to note that Torlyte® is constructed from different woods and has a number of different surfaces, great care should be taken if choosing this route as the stain can be absorbed at different rates which will result in an uneven finish. Contact Us if you want us to supply your Torlyte unsealed.

  • Torlyte® Base Unit Set designed to be used in conjunction with Torlyte® Base Unit Leg Kit
  • Set includes two pre-drilled Torlyte boards
  • supplied with spiked feet, Cone Feet are available as an option

    Dimensions when assembled with legs

    external 540mm, internal 450mm
    external 495mm, internal 450mm
    Size 1: external 201mm, internal 150mm
    Size 2: external 261mm, internal 210mm
    Size 3: external 396mm, internal 345mm.

    The unit is fitted with 8mm inserts underneath and supplied fitted with Spiked Feet. If you want to fit our Cone Feet for use on a non-covered floor (such as a stripped wood floor or tiles), choose the Cone Feet option.
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