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Torlyte PowerBlock Plat

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Give your PowerBlock the support it needs!

We’ve been asked quite a number of times to make a special Torlyte Platform for supporting our PowerBlock, and we’ve had very good feedback from those customers who have ordered them. In fact, the reaction was so positive that we’ve decided to introduce this smaller platform to the Torlyte range. The Torlyte PowerBlock Plat is just the right size for supporting our PowerBlocks – and it’s ideal for supporting our mains conditioners such as the Ultra Purifier and the Abzorber.

The Torlyte PowerBlock Plat is 340mm wide and 150mm deep and is fitted as standard with spiked Feet. If desired, our wooden Cone Feet can be fitted on request.

For complete support, use an additional set of Cone Feet between your block and Platform.


  • Unique, lightweight, rigid design
  • Use under equipment to improve its support
  • Dimensions (platform only): 340mm x 150mm x 20mm (w x d x h)
  • Fitted with three 6mm spiked feet (adds 25mm to the height)
  • Big Cone Feet optionally available (adds 20mm to the height)
  • Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 5 / 5
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Bob Parsons
    21 Aug 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Torlyte Powerblock Plat"
    I was able to install the plat as son as it arrived, without disconnecting anything. I had added oak cones to the Powerblock 24 hours or so before the plat arrived. One of these days I'm going to be able to send something back because it doesn't work, but this still hasn't happened. I have to say I wasn't expecting a night and day improvement, and I didn't get that, but the improvement was very noticeable and can be summed up as yet another increase in clarity and presence, more image precision and an increase in depth accompanied by a definite movement of sound into the space around me. So, I get to keep the plat, and you get to keep the money, and I think I've got another bargain. Thanks very much! I'm wasting far too much time listening to music!