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TT-2™ Turntable Interconnect with ground wire

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  • 3 pure copper Kimber VariStrand™ conductors with Teflon® insulation.

  • Pure copper, Teflon® insulated Kimber ground wire.

  • Kimber's unique woven geometry.

  • High-performance Kimber mesh screen.

  • Kimber UltraPlate™ phono plugs.

Russ Andrews TT-2™ Turntable Interconnect
For some time We have offered our Russ Andrews TT-1™ phono to phono interconnect, specifically designed for connecting turntables to phono stages.

Traditionally, detachable tonearm cables were the preserve of higher-end turntables and often had a straight or right-angle 5 pin DIN plug (as offered on Kimber tone arm cables) to connect to the tonearm; the lower-priced and mid-range turntables usually had a captive arm cable.

However, over the past few years, we have seen more and more turntable manufacturers, particularly of affordable and mid-range models, fitting phono sockets to their turntables to allow the use of a higher performance traditional phono to phono interconnect.

Improved design for better performance
Unlike almost all other analogue signal cables in a Hi-Fi system, it’s important that this turntable cable is screened to prevent pick up of hum, particularly if using a moving magnet cartridge. The TT-1™ was a fully screened coaxial design using high purity copper and, since it was launched, we’ve been investigating ways in which we could design a higher performance model to deliver even greater performance.

The answer was to look at the fundamental design of the cable. Whereas TT-1™ is a cost-effective performer based on a coax construction, the new TT-2™ utilises a more traditional braided Kimber design, using three of Kimber's woven, Teflon®-insulated pure copper VariStrand™ conductors per channel, over which is run a high-performance Kimber screen. This is connected in a very specific way to reduce noise pick up and prevent hum while maintaining signal fidelity.

TT-2™ comes with its own grounding wire, of the same quality as the Kimber wire used in the interconnect, for use where your turntable is fitted with a grounding terminal. Most turntables do have one, but not all, so for convenience we include it as a separate item. TT-2™ can be used with all turntables, whether they are fitted with a moving magnet or a moving coil cartridge.

The benefits of using Kimber's woven design are clear – in our listening tests, music flows more ‘freely’, sounding cleaner, clearer, more musical and more relaxing to listen to. Like the TT-1™, we recommend using TT-2™ specifically for the turntable to phono stage connection.


3 pure copper Kimber VariStrand™ conductors
Teflon® insulation
High performance Kimber mesh screen
Pure copper, Teflon® insulated Kimber ground wire fitted with 5mm spades
Braided Kimber geometry
Kimber UltraPlate™ phono plugs
25 year Lifetime Warranty

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