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YellO Power Hi-Fi Choice Review

Monday, 24th April 2017

Here's a great review for the YellO Power mains cable; this time the full five stars come from Hi-Fi Choice magazine.
YellO Power

In their 'Choice Extras' section of the May 2017 edition, reviewer Neville Roberts tested out our YellO Power cable on the power supply for his preamp and phono stage, and was very satisfied with the results he heard:
"There is no evidence of any mains-borne interference getting through into my sensitive phono stage or preamp - something that is certainly noticeable when I switch to a standard 'kettle lead'."
This emphasises our advice to always start by exchanging the cables feeding the components nearest to your source first; these are often very sensitive devices and, as the source of your music, have a marked effect on the rest of the system.

YellO Power cable

This lack of "mains-borne interference" he mentioned, enabled him to hear
"subtle audio improvements with the YellO in place, such as a wider and deeper soundstage with individual instruments having better focus". A recording of Haydn's Symphony No.39 in G minor exhibits clearer violins, and the performance has more excitement and energy, especially in the opening fast-paced allegro assai".

Hifi Choice recommendedAwarding the YellO Power cable Five Stars and a Recommendation, Neville concludes that it represents a well-made cable that you can use on any piece of audio equipment. It also "definitely offers significant improvements over the standard mains leads that come supplied with hi-fi equipment".

Hear what the Yello Power cable can do in your system by taking advantage of our home trial period with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

five stars

Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: May 2017
Rating: Five Stars Recommended

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