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"Web Page Misleading"
The photo shows a set of 4 plugs and sleeves (2 red, 2 black) and the order quantity says "2", but what is supplied is one pack of 2 plugs and 2 sleeves (one red and one black).
Russ Andrews' Customer Service Team:Thank you for your feedback. We have now changed the way the speaker cable plugs are displayed to make them clearer and easier to understand what is being ordered. One of our team will be in touch to help.
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"Star Rf Router"
An Excellent product for hifi systems that needs multiple components to be connected to a ground post.dead silent when components are properly tied to it.
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"Unclear What You Are Getting"
the product works great , but your site does not mention the 2 grounding wires that come with it . so i bought additional cables that were not needed
Russ Andrews' Customer Service Team:Hi. So sorry to hear of your problem and thanks for letting us know. We agree that the original copy on the product page was a bit unclear: although it did mention that the RF Router came with the two wires, this was just in the specifications and was easy to miss. We've therefore refunded the additional amount you paid for the duplicate wires and have also amended the product page to make it more clear. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. SD
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"Cable Modification"
Thank you for the very prompt and efficient service regarding the modification of my Crystal CU and Silver Streak interconnects.

Both arrived back looking brand new!

Great service from the initial email contact with Peter Bevir, the telephone call I received at work concerning a potential problem (which was overcome) , to the superb workmanship.
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Ordered before 12 pm... Next day delivery say no more Speedy...