This letter we received from one of our customers really sums up the experience many of our customers find once they've finally tried our products:

"This is going to be a little drawn out, but please bear with me.

You have been -  for want of a better word -  'pestering' me for four years to try your products and I'm afraid I have been very, very sceptical as to whether any of your products could make and difference to the sound of my Hi-Fi. This consists of a very old NAD 3020 amp, Dual 505 turntable, tuner, tape deck, Kenwood 3080 CD player and ancient Monitor Audio speakers. All of which I have been more than happy with for all these years.

A few months ago I purchased, on a whim, a copy of a very well known Hi-Fi magazine, and came to the conclusion that my ageing system needed an 'upgrade'. I eventually narrowed down a system to audition. £1,500 pounds worth!

All this new kit looked fantastic but did it sound better than my system? Yes, it did…a little, but not £1,500 better. Very big disappointment? Yes!

Ironically, on my return home, yet another one of your catalogues was waiting for me. This time I read it and, to my surprise, so did my better half who made the following comment: “Why don’t you try some of these power cables? After all, with 60 days money back guarantee you can’t lose... ” Common sense perhaps?

Four days later one PowerKord duly arrived (very posh box). This I installed onto the CD player (cable not the box). Does it work? Does it do everything you said of it? Yes, it does exactly what it says on the tin and more. I am now listening to music again and not Hi-Fi kit!

Two months later my aging amp has a new lease of life thanks to another PowerKord, some DeoxIT and DeoxIT Gold.

I’m afraid I can’t go into the Hi-Fi gobbledygook as to why my system sounds better than the £1,500 of kit that I auditioned, but the fact of the matter is that it does – a lot better. I am now a very, very happy bunny and please feel free to 'pester' me some more!

What of all that money you saved me? I'll send you a postcard from Moscow!

Many, many thanks,

J P Mitton,