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Russ Andrews Acousti-Wool is the natural alternative to synthetic foam commonly used in loudspeaker cabinets.

Supplied as a single sheet, Acousti-Wool can be cut up or can be folded and lightly packed into the speaker cabinet (remove the drivers carefully to get access to them if required). As a very rough guide, you'll need about 1-2 sheets per medium-sized bookshelf speaker and 3-4 sheets per medium-sized floorstanding speaker. The sheets can be easily cut to size if required with a large pair of scissors or a scalloped knife.
TIP: Cutting is best done outside to avoid stray wool fibres getting everywhere.

  • Alternative speaker cabinet damping
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Supplied in single sheets
  • Each sheet approximately 400mm x 300mm and 50mm thick
  • Treated with a natural insect-repellant

    Our Opinion
    Russ Andrews Acousti-Wool is the natural alternative to synthetic foam commonly used in loudspeaker cabinets to provide acoustic damping. Synthetic foam is cheap, easy to handle but provides relatively poor acoustic damping - it doesn't attenuate some frequencies, meaning that they reflect back towards the drive unit. Foam has a distinctive sonic colouration which is undesirable.

    Acousti-Wool is ideal to replace foam. It's completely natural, effective at absorbing a wide range of frequencies and, being supplied in sheets is easy to use, giving a clear and natural sound.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Don't forget! We are so confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.

  • Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 5 / 5
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Peter Burford
    16 Jan 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Really Good Stuff"
    Using acousti-wool in my venerable Spendor BC1 speakers has finally cured a long standing brittleness in the top end.I should have done this years ago.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by René Christensen
    31 Jan 2016
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Great Difference In Acoustic Characteristic"
    The difference between foam and wool lays in the fact, that the wool´s fiber naturaly is filled with air and the synthetic foam´s fiber is solid. The wool´s fiber absorb / damping the reflections instead of returning them.