Audiodesk record cleaning machine

With a growing number of record cleaning machines on the market it can be difficult to choose between them. We currently stock the Loricraft which we find to be a terrific machine - beautifully engineered and with performance to match. Against similar designs, it represents great value for money too: find out more.
"the most effective cleaning machine that I have ever encountered."
Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, Issue 234 

What attracted us to the AudioDesk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner though, was the method it uses to clean your precious record collection. Whereas most machines utilise some form of liquid/brush/vacuum, the AudioDesk relies on a combination of soft microfibre rollers and ultrasonic vibrations to clean the surface of the vinyl. 

The Vinyl Cleaner is a mains-powered, vertical record cleaning machine. It is supplied with two bottles of its own cleaning fluid in concentrate form; each bottle is used to dilute 4.5 litres of distilled or de-ionised water that is added to the machine. 


How does it work?
Audiodesk record cleaning machine
Cleaning an LP is simplicity in itself; once the LP is inserted into the bath of fluid, you press the start button and it uses a combination of microfibre cleaning barrels and ultrasonics to gently dislodge dirt from the surface of the LP and deep in the grooves. Once the LP has been cleaned this way (the fluid is constantly filtered to keep the dirt away from the disc), the machine automatically switches over to 'drying mode' and completely dries the disc. The machine cleans and dries both sides of the LP at once, and after about 6 minutes the vinyl is dry and ready to play. 

That's all there is to it - it really is fully automatic. The LPs we cleaned came out spotless (if you have any very grubby charity-shop finds, you can increase the cleaning time), and both well-played and new discs benefited from a clean.

"It helps an LP become the vinyl it always wanted to be, it does that consistently, and I'd struggle to think how unresolving-a-system you'd need to throw together to not be able to hear the improvements".
Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi Plus magazine, Issue 117

Why Ultrasonic cleaning?
Ultrasonic cleaning is a well-established method of cleaning various materials but is a recent incomer to the world of Hi-Fi. 

In his review of the unit, Paul Rigby of gives an excellent summary of its working principle:

"Once the record is wet (the label is left untouched, incidentally), the ultrasonic action begins, producing compression waves that produces millions of tiny bubbles that compress and break up, causing cavitation, the creation of tiny bubble explosions, directed liquid that is fired and forced into the grooves. The agitation effect displaces gunk, grease, muck and other contaminants which is then drained through a washable filter".

Handily, Paul also provides a link to a YouTube video which illustrates the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning in more industrial settings - not directly related to record cleaning, granted, but it gives a good feel for what the process is all about. See ultrasonic cleaning in action.

How does it perform?

The main advantage of Ultrasonic cleaning over traditional methods is that it really gets deep down into the grooves and physically lifts the dirt off the surface. That sets it apart from other cleaners on the market and gives it a distinct advantage over them. Where other machines rely on the liquid cleaner to release dirt and supplement this by to use of brushes to ‘agitate’ the surface, those little ultrasonic bubbles actually attack the dirt. That gives a deep down clean that is unobtainable by any other method.

"I previously didn’t believe that ultrasonic technology was capable of such sonic improvements…at any price. Frankly, I was stunned."
Paul Rigby,

Colour choice

audio desk rcm

The standard colour for your AudioDesk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner is grey, as pictured above, right. If you are feeling more adventurous, though, it's also available to special order in red and black as shown above... and even white (not pictured)!

Money back guarantee

money back guaranteeUntil you try this cleaner on your own records you can't imagine just how clean it gets them. But don't worry, if you are not completely satisfied whith the results, the AudioDesk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner is covered by our standard 14-day money back guarantee for equipment. 

This is not a cheap machine (in any sense). But if you have the budget and vinyl is your listening preference, we don't think there's any more effective - and simple - way to keep your collection in tip-top condition. 

golden groovy"The Audiodesk is expensive in basic terms, yes, but the improvement in sound quality is akin to upgrading from a budget to a top flight turntable. In those relative terms, its cheap. A complete bargain."
Paul Rigby,

(Paul was so impressed with the cleaning performance of the Audio Desk that he gave it a very rare 10/10 'Golden Groovy' award).