You've probably noticed we only sell one brand of cable, KIMBER KABLE. The reason is simple: because it works. Brilliantly!

Russ first met Ray Kimber and discovered how effectively his cable design solved the fundamental cabling problems back in 1985. We have been the exclusive UK distributor for KIMBER KABLE ever since, and remain convinced of the superiority of this product range.

KIMBER's cables are characterised by their musicality, transparency and accuracy, producing a sound quality that has won the hearts and minds of reviewers and customers alike.

The RFI problem
Ray was involved in Pro-Audio sound rigs for concerts when he discovered that RFI was a major cause of bad sound. It was his solution to this problem, and recognition of its application in domestic Hi-Fi systems that brought him into the cable business.

Unique solution
From 1977 to 1979 he developed his original braided cable design and the machinery by which he could manufacture it. In 1979 KIMBER KABLE was incorporated and began producing 4PR speaker cable.

There are now a few other woven cables on the market, but none use KIMBER's patented woven cable design and we haven't heard any we thought could compete with the KIMBER products.

The design and theory behind 4PR was such a radical departure from existing technologies like coaxial, 'litz', twisted pair, parallel pairs, wave guides and so on, that it has taken the past two decades for the technically inclined to come to terms with KIMBER's 'braided' technologies. As RFI is a problem throughout the system, the same basic principles that have made 4PR so successful and enduring are effectively implemented in the products that they manufacture.