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Cable Elevators Set of 4

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Elevate your music

  • Set of 4
  • Reduce the effect of vibrations in the floor on your speaker cables
  • Top diameter – 35mm
  • Bottom diameter – 48mm
  • Height – 50mm
  • Wood – Beech
  • Finish – Clear lacquer
  • Maximum cable diameter – 23mm
  • Also available as a set of 2

    It's well known that mechanical vibrations (from equipment, from loudspeakers) affect the performance of Hi-Fi equipment. The internal components are microphonic - meaning that they convert vibrations into small electrical signals that mix with the signal an pollute the sound audibly.

    Kimber's Monocle and Select speaker cables recognise this too, and use a unique acoustic damping core - X38R. But it makes sense to lift any speaker cable away from one area where vibrations are often highest - the floor.

    Our cable elevators do the job simply and elegantly. Made from beech and supplied in sets of two or four, use them to lift your speaker cables 4cm (1.5") off the floor surface. They'll happily stand unaided on wooden or laminated floors but for carpeted surfaces you need to screw them down so they stand securely. Screws included
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