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Cable Sock 20mm Diameter


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Tidy up your cables!

Cable Socks solve the problem of a spaghetti junction of cables round the back of your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema. They’re ideal for keeping your mains cables or interconnects together, and you can also use them to keep double runs of speaker cables neatly together (useful if you're biwiring), too. They're made from a type of woven nylon sleeving that easy to open out, but will spring back into a tube.

Not only will the back of your Hi-Fi system look tidier, Cable Socks can help your system’s sound quality if you use them to help keep your interconnects away from your mains cables, for example.

  • Supplied in minimum 20cm lengths in two diameters - 20mm (for up to 5 pairs of interconnects) and 35mm (for up to 5 mains cables). Specify the length you need as it's not suitable for trimming with scissors.
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