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CD Ripping Service


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CD Ripping

Our CD ripping service takes the time and hassle out of digitally encoding your CD collection.

You know how convenient it is to have your CD collection saved on your computer. If your collection is encoded with one of the lossless codecs – such as FLAC or Apple Lossless, your music can sound surprisingly good... and it’s so convenient to have your CD collection at your fingertips. The big problem is how to get your CD collection onto your computer... you can sit and feed your CDs into it, but a reasonable-sized collection could take days or even weeks to rip, and you need to be close to your computer the whole time to remove one disc and set the next one going!

The CD ripping service is ideal for any size of collection of discs, and we can rip your collection into a number of popular formats including WAV and AIFF, FLAC and even MP3 (at 320 KB/s). The equipment we have uses sophisticated error correction to ensure accurate data retrieval from your discs (for the best sound quality) and takes the hassle out of loading and unloading your collection - to say nothing of reducing the wear and tear on your computer’s CD or DVD drive!
To see our ripping machine in action, click here.

We can also rip your collection into multiple formats at the same time for a small additional fee. So no problem if want an mp3 copy and a FLAC copy for backup. In case of any problems with the returned files, your collection is stored for one week and then deleted.

Please note: Commercially produced CDs only. Home-made CDRs will not be ripped.

How our service works

We can rip your collection into a number of popular formats including WAV and AIFF, FLAC and even MP3 (at 320 KB/s).

Highest quality
We recommend either FLAC for use with popular network players such as those from LINN, Meridian, Naim etc. or AIFF if playing your music through iTunes for example. Note that iTunes does not support FLAC

WAV files, while a virtual copy of your CD and the best quality, do not support full ID3 tagging (metadata) which means you may lose song and album information when your network player or media software tries to import or play them which can be very frustrating. Before choosing WAV, check how your playback software/device handles WAV files.

High quality
MP3 @ 320kbs is the sweet spot for quality vs. file size. Great for mp3 players, Sonos systems.

How it works
Our CD ripping service is for commercially produced CDs only. Home-made CDRs will not be ripped. The resulting music files, once ripped, will only be returned to you on a hard drive, ready to be imported into your computer, NAS or connected Network player.

Delivering your ripped files back to you
Once we have ripped all your CDs, the resulting files obviously need to come back to you in an easy and manageable way. We recommend an external, portable USB hard drive or for smaller collection a USB Flash drive. You can supply this yourself or if required, we can supply this drive; we will inform you of the size of the drive required based on the size of your collection. Example - A 1TB drive will easily store 1000+ CDs in FLAC quality or for smaller collections 250 CDs ripped in mp3 will easily fit on a 32GB USB Flash drive.

How much space?
Here's a rough guide to the amount of space 500 albums require in the various formats;
Flac - 230GB
WAV - 320GB
AIFF - 320GB
mp3 - 75GB

Your collection will be supplied with, where available, metadata including track names, artist, album, album artwork, year of release and genre. We access multiple databases to ensure that the metadata is as accurate as possible. However, errors can occur as MetaData can be incorrectly supplied by the music companies. But you can manually update this in the unlikely event this occurs.

Depending on the size of your collection and how busy we are, we aim to turn your collection around within 7 days but we'll advise you at the point of ordering.

Getting your CDs to us
Firstly, please call or email us to check availability. Our service is incredibly popular, so we need to get your discs booked in, so turnaround time is kept to a minimum.

CDs must be un-boxed * and supplied on a spindle of some type. For an additional charge we can supply these if necessary.

* Failure to de-box your CDs will result in an additional handling charge.

We strongly recommend shipping them by an insured method. For smaller quantities you could use Royal Mail Special delivery, but even this will be quite expensive due to the weight. Using a courier such as Parcel Force or UPS will be cheaper, especially for quantities over 200.

Let us take the strain!
We can take all the hassle out of the process by offering you our DCD service, which stands for Delivery Collection Delivery.

D - Firstly we deliver a special CD packing case, complete with spindles which can hold up to 600 CDs.

C - Once you've loaded your CDs onto the spindles and the packed the case, we arrange to collect them.

D - Once back and we've ripped your CDs, they are delivered back to you on the spindles (which you get to keep!). Please note that CDs do not come back in the order they were supplied.

There is of course a charge for this service, so if it's something you're interested in let us know when you make your initial enquiry or order below.
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