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Classic IEC to Fig.8 Adaptor


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Classic IEC to Fig.8 Adaptor

Made with high performance woven Kimber Kable and a compact figure 8 plug, the Male IEC to figure 8 adaptor enables an effective connection where space is tight. It is ideal for equipment with recessed figure-8 sockets or where the space around the figure 8 socket is restricted, meaning that in normal use it is impossible to use the PowerKords with WattGate figure 8 plugs or our standard figure 8 adaptor.

The cable on the adaptor is flexible and allows you to position the Male IEC plug for easy connection to any of our standard IEC PowerKords - Perfect for upgrading to a Wattgate enabled cable!


  • Made with 8-strand woven PowerKord

  • Hyper-pure copper conductors

  • Fluorocarbon insulation

  • Cable length: 100mm between the plugs; 180mm overall length

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