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DIN PBJ Type MQ wired for QUAD power amplifier RCA to DIN


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Give your system that high-end sound

  • Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon dielectric insulation
  • High quality DIN plugs and/or KIMBER Ultraplate™ phonos

    KIMBER’s PBJ Interconnect is one of our best selling interconnects because its materials and design gives such a High-End sound. Plug this cable into your system and the sound will be sweet, natural and rhythmic.

    The name PBJ? In USA, where it is made, PBJ stands for peanut butter and jelly. In the UK we’d have called it ‘bread and butter’ – the ‘staple diet’ for your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

    Cable Description

  • Type MQ

  • Signal only

  • Cable direction - Phono (RCA) to DIN

  • Specifically wired for connecting to a QUAD amplifier

  • Terminated with a pair of Ultraplate phonos going to a 4 Pin DIN

    Example connection - Pre amp or Source component (eg CD player, Streamer etc.) with Phono (RCA) outputs going to a QUAD amplifier such as a 405 or 303

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