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DVD Lens Cleaner


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DVD lens cleaner

  • Effectively cleans the lens on your DVD player
  • Can be used with DVD Players/Recorders, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Drives
  • Ten micro-fibre, optical grade brushes
  • Extremely easy to use with voice instructions
  • Support for 8 languages
  • Dolby 5.1 Set up
  • Includes colour calibration tool

    Dust and dirt on the lens of your DVD player/recorder will cause mistracking, distortion and skipping, degrading the quality of the picture and sound produced or recorded.

    As the lens is a very delicate structure, a special lens cleaner is required to clean the lens safely. This cleaner works extremely well and should be used regularly; every few weeks will do nicely.

    The soft micro-fibre brush system is delicate enough not cause any damage to the surface of the lens, but strong enough to dislodge the build up of dust and dirt.

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