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EVO-S PowerKord™ UK plug to W350 Rhodium IEC plug

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  • Features our new floating Ground Screen Technology for integration with the Russ Andrews Grounding System

  • 24 high conductivity oxygen free electrolytic VariStrand copper conductors

  • Kimber’s unique woven cable geometry for effective interference rejection

  • Rhodium-plated AQRH mains plug and W350Evo RH IEC

  • Screen interface pod allows connection to SuperRouters or RF Router MKII

EVO-S PowerKord™

Building on our extensive knowledge of power conditioning and system grounding, the new EVO-S PowerKords finally allow mains cabling to benefit from intergration with our highly-rated Grounding System. By designing a unique floating screen system, we are now able to supplement the natural RFI-rejecting properties of Kimber's renowned cable geometry to produce our best PowerKord yet.

EVO-S PowerKord utilises a Screen Interface Pod at the mains plug end of the cable which allows easy connection of the cable to one of our SuperRouters or RF Routers. In this way, residual inteference can be drained away from the cable and diverted to ground via the sophisticated internal circuitry in the routers.

EVO-S PowerKord™ Features

The EVO-S is the very best cable in our PowerKord range. In addition to the new Ground Screen Technology, EVO-S utilises 24 high purity copper braided conductors, making it suitable for use with any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema component, including current-hungry power amps. It's also an ideal choice if opting for a cable for connecting your mains extension or Balanced Mains Unit to the wall socket. Assess for yourself the improvements it can make (our money-back guarantee gives you 60 days to try it out).

Picture above shows two EVO-S PowerKords connected to a SuperRouter.
  • Exclusive Ground Screen Technology complements the woven Kimber Kable geometry for additional noise reduction and rejection.
  • Screen interface pod allows easy connection to Russ Andrews SuperRouters or RF Router MKII allowing mains cable integration with the establised Russ Andrews Grounding System.
  • Twenty four separately-insulated, high-purity copper Kimber Kable conductors, woven together to reduce Radio Frequency Interference.
  • Like its sibling Evolution PowerKords, EVO-S features our low induced noise earth arrangement, where the earth is helically wound around the outside of the weave.
  • High-performance Audio Quality rhodium mains plugs and IEC connectors are used to ensure a positive, low-resistance connection to your component.

Constuction of EVO-S PowerKord showing, right to left: Ground Screen Technology, braided live and neutral conductors and the helically-wound earth.

Making the right connection

Most Hi-Fi and Home Cinema components - such as your CD player or integrated amp - are fitted with a standard 10A IEC (kettle type) socket. For these, along with our PowerBars™, PowerPurifier™ and X-Blocks™, choose the W350e Rhodium standard IEC (pictured above, left).

If you are fitting your cable to one of our PowerBlocks™, Balanced Mains Units or older UltraPurifiers™, you'll need to choose the W350 High Current Rhodium IEC (pictured above, right).

The EVO-S PowerKord comes fitted with the top-of-the-range Rhodium-plated IEC connectors as standard.

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Captive mains lead?

If your equipment has a mains lead fitted directly into the unit that can't be removed, our Male IEC adaptor pack creates an inline IEC socket and lets you upgrade your power cable. Click here for more information.

International plugs available

UK, Euro and US plugs are available on all PowerKords. Other international plugs are also available - Contact Us for more information.

The EVO-S PowerKord™ is supplied as standard with the Audio Quality RH UK mains plugs, or rhodium plated Euro and US mains plugs.

From left to right: UK AQ-Rhodium 13A plug, Euro W390RH plug and US W330 RH plug which all feature rhodium-plated surfaces

Optional Upgrades

We offer a number of additions and treatments to take the performance of your Evolution-300 PowerKord™ to the next level: these options are at the top of the page close to the 'Add to Basket' button. To find out more about the options, click on what’s this? next to the icons.


Featuring unique Ground Screen Technology
Screen interface pod allows easy connection to Grounding Routers
24 high-conductivity oxygen free electrolytic VariStrand copper conductors
Kimber’s unique woven cable geometry for effective interference rejection
Teflon insulation
Helically wound, low induced noise earth
Flexible Noise Reduction sleeving
Russ Andrews edition Rhodium plated Wattgate W350 EVO IEC plug fitted as standard. Wattgate plugs feature Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT)
Audio Quality Rhodium UK, EURO and USA mains plug options
UK versions incorporate a Russ Andrews 13A SuperFuse
Hand built in the UK
Lifetime Warranty

Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget! We’re confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.


"You can really hear the difference during crescendos or blown out electric guitars which normally distort and not in a nice way, all over the soundstage. "
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