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GQ-24 Mini with 5 pin DIN

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Originally conceived as an interconnect for the multi-pin iPod, GQ-24 gained multiple awards and plaudits for its superb performance. To make the cable relevant to a wider application, we swapped that multi-pin connector for a mini jack and thus the GQ-24 Mini was born!

  • 4 Ultra pure copper conductors
  • Kimber's GyroQuadratic cable weave
  • Superb Kimber UltraPlate™ Phono connectors, high quality Nickel phono connectors, 5 pin DIN and Neutrik Mini Jack options.

    GQ-24™ Mini uses Kimber’s 4-wire GyroQuadratic cable braid and high quality plugs – besides the 3.5mm jack at the player end of the cable, there’s a choice of Kimber UltraPlate phonos, nickel-plated 3.5mm mini jack or Nickel phono connectors at the equipment end.

    If your phone or audio player has a 3.5mm headphone output, GQ-24™ Mini is an effective way to connect your portable player and share the music on it.
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