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HC-3 Headphone cable for Sennheiser Headphones 1/4in Jack

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HC-3 Headphone cable

We’ve long been fans of Sennheiser’s superb HD 600 and HD 650 headphones and we were intrigued to hear that Sennheiser have launched a new model – the HD 660 S. These headphones feature a new transducer, and Sennheiser state that they offer reference-class fidelity from portable and mobile players as well as from a dedicated headphone setup. The older 600 and 650 models had reputation for needing a decent headphone amp to drive them, so it’s good news if these new headphones can be driven from a wider variety of sources.

For quite a few years we’ve offered a Russ Andrewsbrand aftermarket cable for the Sennheiser HD 600 and the HD 650 – the Russ Andrews HC-2 headphone cable, made with Kimber Kable.

About Kimber Kable

HC-3 Compatibility

The HC-3 headphone cable fits a number of other Sennheiser headphones. Contact us with your model number (if it's not listed below) and we'll find out if you can upgrade the cable.

  • HD660S
  • HD650
  • HD600
  • HD580
  • HD565
  • HD545
  • HD535
  • HD265


    High purity copper KIMBER KABLE.
    KIMBER GQ geometry.
    Improved headphone plugs with metal housing.
    Neutrik 1/4" jack or 1/8" (3.5mm) jack options.
    Flexible and soft polyethylene insulation.
    25 year warranty on parts and labour.
    60-day money-back guarantee.
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