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HG Cleaning Cloth COPPER/BRASS

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Russ has found some cleaning cloths that are astonishingly good at cleaning surface contaminants from mains plugs, or interconnect or speaker cables prior to treating with DeoxIT and DeoxIT Gold. They take the form of an inpregnated textile, and three versions are available - one for cleaning copper (and brass - perfect for mains plugs); one for silver, and one for gold.
Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 3 / 5
1 / 5

reviewed by Roberta
22 Oct 2020
Sorry this just doesn’t work, might as well have used a normal cloth.
Save your money, if I leave a poor review the product has to be bad. I’m not a moaner.
Customer Service Reply Thank you for your review and sorry that you haven't got on with these cloths. We've been in touch with you to help.
5 / 5

reviewed by Vincent Parkin
09 Jun 2016
Yes, I recommend this product.
"Really Works"
These cloths bring a clean shine in no time at all without any fuss or smell. Very good.