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Hi-Fi Choice review Clarity Pro 2.0

Thursday, 23rd May 2024

Hi-Fi Choice review the latest addition to the Clarity™ range of system enhancers and finds it a very worthwhile investment.

Clarity Pro 2.0

Clarity Pro 2.0™ is the latest, and most powerful, of the Clarity and Symphony range of system enhancers we offer. Clarity Pro 2.0 sits close to your system and uses proprietary Coherence Technology to radiate a pre-programmed field, countering the effects of stray electromagnetic fields on electronic circuits.

We’ve been big fans of this technology since Russ first heard the original QRT
Quantum Symphony at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2006, and we added it to the range later that year.

Fast forward a number of years and QRT
was then replaced by an a new, updated and more effective design  - this time produced in conjunction with ourselves  - the hugely successful Clarity Pro. And now, following collaboration with the core designers, we have been able to introduce a second, more sophisticated and powerful iteration: Clarity Pro 2.0.

Already aware of the new model at its prototype stage, Neville Roberts of Hi-Fi Choice magazine was very keen to get his hands on the final version for review.

Clarity Pro 2.0
Clarity Pro 2.0™ facia showing Area Control/power knob. 

Clarity Pro 2.0 features a control knob on the facia which adjusts the strength of field, along with four internal DIP switches for fine tuning.  Following Russ’s advice, Neville uses the default settings with the control knob at the 12 o’clock position and plays a number of recordings to evaluate the effect (he notes that the dual Area Control/power knob makes it very easy for him to switch the enhancer on and off to assess the difference).

“With the National Symphony Orchestra playing Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade”, he writes,

“the soundstage is wider and deeper, and music presentation is more refined and effortless”.

Moving onto the more intimate recording of Frank Sinatra’s rendition of Days of Wine and Roses, from a master tape copy, that soundstage expansion reoccurs “and Sinatra’s vocals have a greater presence and more precise focus”.

In summary, he reports that the Clarity Pro 2.0
brings a level of performance from the system that rises above normal mains conditioning and recommends the product with a full five stars approval.

HiFi Choice five stars

Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Publication: June 2024
Verdict: 5 Stars, Recommended

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