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Hi-Fi+ Innovation Award

Wednesday, 20th October 2021

​October 2021 marks the 200th edition of the respected magazine Hi-Fi+. To mark the anniversary, the magazine featured its own Innovation Awards “recognising one hundred innovations in audio”.

Hi-Fi Plus October 2021From Accuphase to Zanden Audio, the round-up covers a wide variety of audio manufacturers who have brought something unique and innovative to the audiophile universe, and we are delighted that Russ Andrews and Kimber Kable are included in their list of innovators.

This is not the first time we have been recognised for our pioneering work; back in 2013, when Hi-Fi+ celebrated their 100th issue, former editor Roy Gregory selected Russ’s mains products for his choice of 'the most important Hi-Fi of the last 99 issues', observing that, since Russ first addressed the issue of mains interference “our understanding of the inner workings of audio systems and their vulnerability to outside influence has advanced enormously. The Russ Andrews path may no longer be the only route up the mountain… but without it we wouldn’t have noticed that there’s a mountain there!”.

This time around, the recognition is even wider, noting that “over the years, [Russ] has evaluated and developed equipment in almost every aspect of audio, always relying on a keen set of ears and an open mind”. It’s this deep knowledge of audio which they recognise as the foundation of everything that was to come afterwards: “This is why when in the early 1980s no-one else in the UK was even considering mains as a potential source of noise, Russ Andrews was commissioning his first power-line filter”.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t just Russ who is acknowledged here, because Kimber Kable has been closely linked here in the UK with the Russ Andrews name since the 1980s. Russ saw the value of Kimber's RFI-combatting cable design and inherent musicality when he first met Ray Kimber at CES in 1985 and become their UK distributer shortly afterwards. “In many ways” write Hi-Fi+, “this is a perfect partnership as both companies share a similar ethos; both companies strive to rid audio of fundamental problems like radio-frequency interference, and both design products with a rare simplicity of execution and purpose”.

Hi-Fi Plus Innovation Award
Magazine: Hi-Fi Plus
Edition: October 2021 200th issue
Verdict: Innovation Award


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reviewed by Barry Green
07 Feb 2023
Great quality, great service. Do you need another reason?!
Customer Service Reply Thanks for your kind words - we try our best!

reviewed by David Lambert
27 Oct 2021
Congratulations Russ Andrews. From my first modest purchase, a 'YellO' mains cable in 2001, each of my subsequent purchases has enhanced the sound of my system - to a degree that has negated any need to upgrade the hardware. The reason is simple: they do what they say they'll do. Through exhaustive and continued research and development they help us to release the full potential of our audio systems - many of which reveal only a fraction of their capabilities.
Customer Service Reply Thanks for your kind words David and glad to hear you are getting the most from your system.

reviewed by Mike Eames
27 Oct 2021
Only products that work from Russ Andrews
Hi fi excellence
Customer Service Reply Thank you Mike

reviewed by anonymous
27 Oct 2021
"Hifi+ Innovation Award"
Congratulations to you all at Russ Andrews. The combination of your products that are in use in my system have utterly transformed and improved the sound of it over the last 20+ years. A well deserved award.
Customer Service Reply Thank you!

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