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KIMBER KABLE Timbre review

Monday, 1st September 2008

​Richard Black reviews Kimber’s Timbre analogue interconnect for TechRadar and finds it “excellent in every way”
Kimber Timbre

Online magazine TechRadar called on the talents of renowned UK reviewer Richard Black to put the Timbre through its paces, and it came away with flying colours.

We’ve always felt that Timbre belies its position in the KIMBER KABLE range, offering a level of performance way beyond what its ‘second in the range’ position would perhaps suggest. Indeed, we know of many people who enjoy Timbre in some pretty high-end set-ups.

This is a point that’s reinforced by the review, with Richard suggesting that:

“only by trying direct comparison with some very fancy cables, were we able to identify any limitations”.

On spending time with the cable in his system, he said:

“it was an unalloyed pleasure … Sound is beautifully solid and well-rounded, but also very delicate and highly detailed and there is a marvellous sense of stereo image in a large space between, beyond and around the loudspeakers".

Not surprisingly, it received the full five stars, with the conclusion that the Timbre was “excellent in every way… this is one of the best interconnects we know of” .

+Well made
+Superb performance

TechRadarMedia: TechRadar online magazine
Publication: September 2008
Verdict: 5 Stars

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