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Kimber Kaps are the best capacitors we can find. They set the reference for accuracy, neutrality, low distortion and musicality.

  • Metalised polypropylene capacitors
  • Designed specifically for high quality audio use
  • 10cm lead out wires

    Each cap is meticulously hand-wound and constructed for a minimum of self inductance. Kimber's Teflon insulated Hyper-pure copper or silver conductor is used as the lead out wire and is precisely attached.

    Kimber Kaps have exceptional inter-transient silence, high mechanical stability and low leakage. They are also self healing and reliable.

    The values shown above right are available. However, many more values are available to special order. For the complete list of capacitor values, click on the 'Sizes' tab. To order a special-value capacitor, contact us


    All values of Kimber Kap have a red lead at one end. The red lead should go towards the +DC voltage, or away from the –DC voltage. In coupling (DC Blocking) applications the red lead is the signal output end (it will be the same as the +side of an electrolytic capacitor in this position). In a loudspeaker crossover, the red lead should go towards the drive unit + terminal.

    The capacitors can be used safely in either direction but the marking indicates which way will minimise hum pickup.

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