Kimber TAK-Cu 90 degree plug

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KIMBER’s reference copper turntable interconnect

  • Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon dielectric Insulation
  • Unique GQ cable geometry
  • Proprietary shielding material
  • Ultraplate™ phonos
  • Genuine SME 90° plug

    KIMBER’s TAK-Cu uses more conductors in a better cable geometry than RA-TAK. That means it can reject more interference and sound clearer and more rhythmic. What’s more, the proprietary shielding means that you can use it with Moving Magnet cartridges as well as Moving Coil ones.

    Use TAK-Cu and start to hear more of the information that has been so carefully recorded onto your records!
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    "does a fine job and conveys a really clear sound with excellent timing and rhythm”

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