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Sunglasses for LEDs!
A brilliantly simple way to reduce the glare from bright LEDs on your equipment.

Such a simple idea, we wish we'd thought of it!

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are everywhere and have replaced the traditional light bulb originally found in nearly all electronics. But LEDs can be intensely bright and if they're on the front of a CD player, amp, or Blu-ray player for example, they can be extremely distracting.

The answer? LightDims. These ingenious semi-transparent labels go over the top of your LED and reduce the light output by up to 80%. The design does not draw unwanted attention to itself, and are hardly noticeable when installed on your equipment.

Each sheet comes with over 100 labels of varying sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits. The LightDims themselves don't change the colour of the LED they’re covering.

Two colours are available;

The black version blends perfectly with any equipment that is black, whether it’s metal or plastic.

The silver version LightDims blend well with any equipment that is silver whether it’s metal or plastic. (We find that they work particularly well on Apple products... The Mac Book Pro, for example, has a pulsing LED and the LightDims reduce the intensity of the LED to a comfortable level).

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