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Linn LP12 Armboard fixing kit (3 screws)

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Fix your Armboard to your Chassis!

The kit consists of three screws.

The Armboard is attached to the sub chassis via three screws. The Armboards are supplied with the three holes pre drilled in the correct position.
Please remember it is important not to screw the screws to tightly.

What size?
In early 2006, Linn updated there armboards from a 2 layer laminated design to a 3 layer laminated design.

  • For pre 2006 boards choose 6mm (discontinued)

  • For 2006 onwards, choose 10mm

    So if you're purchasing a brand new armboard from us, you'll need the 10mm fixing kit. If you're not sure, choose the 10mm screw and use a washer if you find it's too long. Be careful when screwing it in, as you don't want it to come through the other side.
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