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Power conditioning with Zapperator Technology

Mains Zapperators are dissipative filters that are designed to augment the effect of our existing mains filters and woven cables. Our listening tests have shown that they're particularly useful in houses with wireless computer networks, and also in houses that use 'ethernet-over-mains' computer networking.

Mains Zapperators are designed by respected audio designers Ben Duncan and Paul Houlden, and are available exclusively from Russ Andrews. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with our Silencers and Purifiers and cables - or any other manufacturers' filters and cables.
We can also incorporate the Mains Zapperator into our PowerBlock mains extension; simply check the 'Mains Zapperaror' box when specifying your PowerBlock upgrades.

Where should I use them?

The Mains Zapperator is fitted into a 'plug-top' unit, designed to connect to standard mains sockets. Use the plug-top unit close to your system to create a 'quiet area' around it, and ideally also throughout your home next to sources of noise: such as your computer in another room. If using three, get one connected close to your router, another next to your computer and a third close to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

Why should I use them?

With the proliferation of wireless computer networks (not just in our own homes, but also our neighbours') and ethernet-over-mains (again, even from neighbours), Mains Zapperators are designed to specifically target the noise these devices can put onto the mains supply. Due to the complexity of Radio Frequency Interference, it's worth experimenting with the location and quantity of Mains Zapperators to find the best effect.

More is better

Using more than one enhances the overall effect. If you use more than one, get the others plugged in next to items susceptible to RFI (maybe the computer upstairs) and filter the interference at source.

The technology

Mains Zapperators are part of the Zapperator family of products. Find out more about the technology in our PDF white paper here.

Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget! We are so confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.


  • Compact power conditioner
  • Designed to deal specifically with very high frequency noise such as that generated by wireless computer networks
  • Dimensions: W:60mm x H:103mm x D:35mm
  • Review

    A short review in the 'Choice Extras' section of Hi-Fi Choice magazine (November 2012 issue) notes the potential of the unit to "absorb and dissipate RFI which is injected into the mains supply". It is particularly useful around wi-fi and Ethernet-over-mains networks whilst still allowing these to function without interference.

    The Mains Zapperator is best plugged in to a socket close to your system to create a 'quiet' area around it. As the reviewer notes, this makes it easy to test the effectiveness of the device in your location "as it can be plugged in and unplugged at will".

    And of the effect? "With the Zapperator, the music seems more lifelike and real. The edginess associated with strings becomes subtly more musical, mellow and effortless."

    Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
    Issue: November 2012
    Verdict: Four stars

    Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 5 / 5
    5 / 5

    reviewed by René Christensen
    19 Feb 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Coherence, Nearness, Stands Out"
    The Mains Zapperator reduce noise, add gain / volume, speed and turn the details in the music, to clear up. The use of several and different Burn-In CD´s supported the process very well, in my opinion / case.