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Manual Record Cleaning Kit

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We've put together a nice little kit to enable you to effectively clean your records and save some money compared to buying it all separately.

The kit consists of;

1 x Litre of ReVive
1 x Bottle of Mobile Fidelity's PURE Record Rinse
2 x Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush

ReVive is a non toxic, non-alcohol detergent based cleaner, specifically blended for use with vinyl records. Russ Andrews Record rinse is a filtered, purified water perfect for post clean perfection!

You'll also need;
2 bowls
Absorbent paper or a rubber turntable mat

Step 1
Place the record on a flat surface with some absorbant paper underneath or a rubber turntable matt. We don't recommend the use of cheap kitchen roll, as the paper can give off dust and other bits that will stick to the vinyl.

Step 2
Pour a good measure of ReVive into one bowl and Russ Andrews Record rinse in the other. The bowl must be big enough, so that you can dip the cleaning brush into it.

Step 3
Dip the brush in ReVive first, so that only the very bottom of the brush is wet, DO NOT fully submerge the brush (shake any excess fluid off, it doesn't want to be soaking!) and wipe the brush 'around' the record 2-3 times, while applying pressure to the middle of the record to stop it from moving and enuring the label does not get wet. You don't need to apply a lot of pressure to the brush.
You may find you need to re-apply some more fluid to the brush, if any parts of the record are still dry.

Step 4
Once you've done cleaning, it's time to rinse! Repeat step 3, but this time using PURE Record Rinse.
Tip! To help speed up the drying process after step 4, repeatadly go round the record and each time dab the brush on some absorbant paper.

Step 5
Turn the record over and repeat steps 1 to 4.

We recommend allowing 10-15 minutes for your records to completely dry before putting them back in the sleeve. Plate racks are good for this.

Alternative method
Skip filling the bowls with fluid and apply the fluid directly to the record from the bottle. Tip Fill the cap with fluid and pour around the record. One capful should be enough per side
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