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Marantz SA-10 SACD Player Upgrade


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Why do we upgrade equipment?

Almost any Hi-Fi component can be upgraded to higher performance using our techniques and components. The two things go together – the know-how and the right component. Over the last 30 years, we have developed our knowledge of where the biggest problems lie and how to overcome them to unleash better performance from a given piece of equipment.

Marantz SA-10 SACD Player Upgrade

Launched 2018 to great acclaim, the SA-10 was the first high end multi-format player from Marantz to feature a transport mechanism designed in-house. The SA-10 also features a total overhaul of all the signal paths plus a new digital-to-analogue section called Marantz Music Mastering.

The Marantz SA-10 is a tour de force of high end audio performance and we were mightily impressed here at Russ Andrews HQ out of the box, but we've identified quite a few key areas for upgrade. The Marantz SA-10 upgrade builds on the strengths of the player. Everything you love about the sound and picture remains – it just gets so much better.
Component Upgrades

120 component upgrades/changes are made across the power supply, digital and analogue circuitry, and output sockets. Upgrades include Russ's favoured audio grade Panasonic capacitors which give a smooth and detailed sound.

The Marantz SA-10 is completely disassembled to gain access to key areas of upgrade. Post upgrade, the unit is then soak tested for 24 hours.


Starting with the mains input, the internal wiring is upgraded to Kimber TCX pure copper wire which features our proprietary Super Burn-in process.
The power supply section is then upgraded with Panasonic Audiograde Caps.


Within the audio circuitry is where we made the greatest number of changes. Upgrades to the DAC and analogue output. 83 parts in total.

83 parts in total are changed.


The basic sockets had to go, so we’ve replaced them with a pair of top of the range WBT-0102Ag sockets.

To ensure the integrity of the signal, pure silver from Kimber is used from the analogue output board to the WBT-0102Ag socket.

Different Model?

If you don't have the exact model, but a similar variant, then we can also offer an upgrade for those players too! a very similar unit, then it's highly likely that the same or similar upgrades will apply. But we can't guarantee that until we have the unit here for inspection. Get in touch and let us know what you have.

How the service works

Equipment upgrades are proving hugely popular. During peak times there may be a wait of several weeks before we can carry out the upgrade. So before we get your equipment here, it must be booked in so we can ensure a speedy turnaround of the upgrade. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to arrange a suitable week and getting the equipment here.

In Person
For those of you who are local enough or if you fancy a trip to the lakes, you can drop off your equipment personally and then collect it when it’s complete or we can ship it back to you.

By Courier
We can arrange a courier collection of your equipment for an additional cost. We currently use UPS.
To make things easier, we can offer several collection options.

1. We can arrange a specific day for the courier to call and collect your equipment. Someone will need to be available all day at the collection address as we’re unable to arrange a time slot for collections.

2. Dropping off at a UPS Access Point. UPS use a network of local shops to deliver and collect parcels from and to. We can either post you a collection label or email you the label (you will need to print the label at home/work). Securely box up your equipment, affix the collection label to the outside of the box and take it to your preferred Access Point where you will be issued a receipt. UPS Access Points can be found here (link opens in a new window), simply enter your postcode to find your nearest one.

Exclamation IconEquipment condition.
It’s important to note that this service is specifically aimed at upgrading equipment in good working condition rather than repairing or servicing. Why? Well, these are two very different processes. Our upgrades look at improving existing parts – like capacitors, for example – and we have an awful lot of knowledge and experience of doing this. As many of these parts do wear over time, replacing them can have the added benefit of actually making the equipment more reliable and longer-lasting, but that is an added bonus rather than the central aim, which is to improve performance.
When it comes to servicing and repair, however, the specific knowledge of individual pieces of equipment that is required, along with access to the original electronic schematics, makes it unwise for anyone other than the manufacturer or authorised service agent to carry out this type of work.
The upgrade comes with a 2 year warranty, including all parts that we've used. This excludes failure of components beyond the work we have carried out. We therefore ask that the equipment you send for upgrade is in good working order.

Please note this is an upgrade modification, it does not include a Marantz SA-10 player.
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