Nohm™ is a new family of cables from KIMBER KABLE.
The project, started over a decade ago, has been a development partnership between Ray Kimber and Russ Andrews. Ray developed an advanced cable construction and Russ developed an innovative proprietary technology that leverages the outstanding ability of Kimber Kable to reject noise. The technology reduces system RFI to unprecedentedly low levels. It uses no ferrite or inductive components to achieve high cancellation measurements in those critical high megahertz to low gigahertz regions, that are so destructive of subtle musical information in any Hi-Fi system.
Working with two consultants (one a physicist), Russ Andrews investigated ways in which they could leverage the braided design of Kimber Kable power, interconnect, and speaker cables. They developed a "simply complex" termination technique using non-ferrite, non-inductive passive components manufactured into unique sets of modules. Depending on the number of individual conductors in the cable, there are one, two, or three stacked modules housed in the wooden pods that can be seen at each end of the cable.
The effect of these terminations is to leverage the cable's braided design, and simply can't work on non-braided cables. Measurements have shown the ability of the cables to reject conducted Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) with, we believe, very impressive results.
Through perfecting the technology while working on power cables it has subsequently been extended to interconnect and speaker cables. 
Designing the technology we had two challenges when working with Kimber Kable interconnect and speaker cables. First, signal cables demand different, higher quality components so a great deal of time was spent testing and auditioning many different passive components to populate the modules. Second, the speaker cables and interconnects feature quite different cable geometries from the power cables and, since each set of modules is 'tuned' specifically to each particular cable type, a large amount of cable testing and measuring was undertaken to settle on the correct values of components and module arrangement.
The good news is that the testing is now finished, our listening tests have been completed and we are delighted to offer the new technology on a new range of Kimber Kable power, interconnect and speaker cables, called Nohm™.
Our listening tests show that Nohm enhances the 'musical' qualities of any system they are used in. Complex rhythms are easier to follow, the sense of 'air' and space around musicians is easier to identify and particularly on good live recordings there is a real sense that there is a group of musicians between the speakers each playing off and with each other.
Journalists and other trusted listeners describe the improvement as bringing you so much closer to the recorded performance. Vocalists seem to perform with much more expression, musicians play 'better' and there is much more of a sense of the magic to the musical message. The reality is probably that the information was always 'there' but obscured by RFI noise. Using Nohm™ cables in your system is like peeling back the layers to travel back to the original performance.
Our aim in developing the Nohm™ range is not to give you the impression that the orchestra, band or solo musician is in your room, but rather that you are transported back to the original recording event. This is a totally new experience for most listeners, but exactly what the recording engineers experienced.
These cables are first available to supply Russ Andrews USA Inc. and selected Export markets.