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Oppo BDP 105EU Upgrade

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Own the OPPO-105 Blu-ray player?
Get the full Russ Andrews upgrade treatment.

After the success of our upgrade modifications to the OPPO 95 Blu-ray player and driven by customer demand, it made perfect sense to upgrade the latest, top of the range player from OPPO - the BDP-105EU.

As well as an overhaul of the power supply, analogue and digital sections, we now offer a SuperClock upgrade. While the clock is is already quite good in the 105, we've sourced an even better one. The new Ultra low jitter Super-Clock lowers jitter which in turn improves low level detail retrieval. An absolute must for for 2 channel playback!

What do we upgrade?
We offer three levels of modification

Level 1
Audio Power Supply
Stereo output
Digital input and output
(includes HDMI)

Level 2
Level 1 PLUS Ultra low jitter Super-Clock

Level 3
Level 1 PLUS Level 2 PLUS
Multi channel analogue output board

Russ’s upgrades always start with the power supply. And with the 105, this is no different; indeed the player has two separate power supplies (one main supply and a second for the analogue output board). We upgrade key capacitors on both power supplies and upgrade the bridge rectifier to the analogue output power supply. As well as the extensive power supply upgrades, we replace a large number of components on the analogue output board.

The upgrades are competed by fitting our Silencer mains filter and ClarityMains enhancer to the mains input.

Our opinion of the upgrade in performance
The Oppo BDP-105EU is a fine-sounding player in un-modified form, but the upgrades take the player to another level in both sound and picture performance.

Please note that an OPPO-105 Blu-ray player is NOT included. This service is for the upgrade of your player.

Why do we upgrade equipment?

Almost any Hi-Fi component can be upgraded to higher performance using our techniques and components. The two things go together – the know-how and the right component. Over the last 25 plus years, we have developed our knowledge of where the biggest problems lie and how to overcome them to unleash better performance from a given piece of equipment.

It is well know how important the sound quality of individual components is – resistors, capacitors, connectors, internal cable and so on, is. Our primary approach is to improve the most important and most neglected area of any electronics – the power supply. It is the heart of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema equipment and its quality sets the quality of the whole unit.

Exclamation IconEquipment condition.
It’s important to note that this service is specifically aimed at upgrading equipment in good working condition rather than repairing or servicing. Why? Well, these are two very different processes. Our upgrades look at improving existing parts – like capacitors, for example – and we have an awful lot of knowledge and experience of doing this. As many of these parts do wear over time, replacing them can have the added benefit of actually making the equipment more reliable and longer-lasting, but that is an added bonus rather than the central aim, which is to improve performance.
When it comes to servicing and repair, however, the specific knowledge of individual pieces of equipment that is required, along with access to the original electronic schematics, makes it unwise for anyone other than the manufacturer or authorised service agent to carry out this type of work. 
The upgrade comes with a 2 year warranty, including all parts that we've used. This excludes failure of components beyond the work we have carried out. We therefore ask that the equipment you send for upgrade is in good working order.

Over 120 individual upgrades to the OPPO from the power supply to the analogue and digital sections.

- Audio grade, Panasonic caps are used extensively throughout the upgrade.

- A Silencer mains filter is fitted internally, together with a ClarityMains conditioner.

- Finally we include a set of three big oak cone feet. These are supplied loose.

- Optional Ultra low jitter Super-Clock

- Fast turnaround and collection service.

Once you place your order, please email to let us know when you plan on sending your player or to arrange collection (additional costs apply). Once we have your player, we aim to turnaround the upgrade in 2-3 days.

Please note that unlike our set-top boxes we do not supply ready-modified Oppo players; we simply undertake the work on your existing Oppo player.

We recommend you send your Oppo player to us in its original packaging. If required, we can arrange fully-insured carrier collection.

Please note that an OPPO-105 Blu-ray player is NOT included. This service is for the upgrade of your player only.
Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 5 / 5
5 / 5

reviewed by William
21 May 2018
Yes, I recommend this product.
"Great Improvement"
I had stage one and two of the upgrade done Which is the power supply and a new clock fitted. My player is used mainly as a Blu Ray Player and to stream content from Netflix and amazon. The first thing that I noticed was the enhanced picture quality with more vibrant colours and deeper blacks. The sound quality on the disks and streamed content had also improved with on screen actions either to follow. I would however make one recommendation when it comes to picture quality. Make sure that your display is calibrated correctly