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Origin Live Turntable belt for LINN LP12 turntables

2 out of 5

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High Performance Upgrade Belt for the Linn LP12 turntable

Not all turntable belts are created equal. Origin Live’s High Performance Upgrade belt uses a special type of rubber to give increased grip - under test, we found it made the sound more solid, with better, more musical bass.

The performance increase over all conventional flat belts is dramatic due to increased grip and reduced transmission of motor vibration.

Origin Live manufacture these belts from a special material that produces the most superior results of any material they've tried (and there are a lot). These belts are not only remarkable in producing noticeably better sound, especially in deeper and more precise bass but they can also eliminate static problems that sometimes occur on decks.

Please note that this belt is for the LINN LP12 ONLY.
Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 2 / 5
2 / 5

reviewed by Barry Tate
25 May 2017
"Origin Lp 12 Belt"
During operation, the belt generates an intermittent " swishing noise" commensurate with fouling of the belt drive guide.
With the Linn neoprene belt fitted, operation is quiet as expected.
Close examination of the Origin belt reveals a minor imperfection of the belt is the cause of the problem. For a "quality product" this is disappointing and a replacement has been requested.
Customer Service Reply I'm very sorry to hear that you've experienced a problem, with the normally excellent Origin Live belts. We've organised a replacement for you further to your phone call to us.