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A very high performance DC power supply, PowerPak Pro-USB is specifically designed to improve the performance of USB audio devices.

At its simplest, PowerPak Pro-USB can be used as the ultimate power supply for devices that are powered by a separate 5V DC USB power supply. Examples of these are the Meridian Director
DAC, HRT iStreamer, iFi USB DAC and Arcam drDock iPod dock.
The PowerPak Pro powers to these via USB from its USB output.

But the PowerPak Pro-USB really comes into its own when used with USB audio devices that do not have their own separate power supply. In these cases, the USB DAC typically gets its power from your computer’s power supply; PowerPak Pro-USB replaces this power supply, delivering significantly better sound quality.

Here’s how it works: instead of connecting your USB device directly to your computer, it instead connects to the PowerPak Pro-USB. This in turn connects via USB to your computer (the PowerPak Pro-USB also connects to the mains via its own power cable). Signal and power from your computer is transferred via USB to the PowerPak Pro-USB where the power is replaced by the stable, clean supply and along with the signal is transferred to the USB device. It’s a simple but incredibly effective way of improving performance.

The better supply gave a profound improvement to the sound – as well as sounding smoother, more natural and with deeper, cleaner bass, there was quite simply more music!


  • Extremely high performance 60w switchmode power supply featuring Russ Andrews custom modifications
  • 5V Output
  • Solid, high performance USB sockets
  • Fitted with Silencer mains filter
  • Incorporates Kimber Kap capacitors and Panasonic audio-grade capacitors
  • Internally wired with Kimber Kable
  • Worldwide voltage compatibility 100V-240V input
  • 10A IEC input (mains cable not supplied)
  • Neon power indicator
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 58mm x 160mm WHD
  • Hand assembled in the UK
  • 2 year guarantee

    PowerPak Pro is fitted with a USB type-A output and a USB type-B input. USB cables are not included: we recommend Kimber's USB cables. An IEC mains input allows you to connect your choice of mains cable (not included). We recommend PowerMax Plus, or better.

    PowerPak Pro-USB is designed ONLY for standalone USB DACs that require there power from USB. If your DAC has an external power supply then it is not suitable. Check out our PowerPak Pro instead!
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