Precision Tracking Force Gauge


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The Precision Tracking Force Gauge is a simple, but highly accurate measuring device.

The Gauge can, if required measure a tracking force down to a super low 0.001 gram, proving its ability to be one of the most accurate stylus force gauges currently available. This essential tool will help you maximise the performance from your cartridge.


  • Incredibly accurate Tracking Force Gauge
  • Easy to use touchscreen user-interface
  • Non-magnetic case
  • Measures down to 0.001 gram
  • Powered by AAA batteries (included)

    Such is the sensitivity of cartridges, we recommend you check your stylus force with the Gauge every few months, as temperature and humidity can alter the results. The Precision Tracking Force Gauge is quite substantial and features a metal case, which is non-magnetic. Together with a touch-screen user-interface, the Precision Tracking Force Gauge set-up is quick and easy.

    The Precision Tracking Force Gauge arrives fully calibrated. A calibration weight is included with the unit if required and it's quite useful to confirm the accuracy of the gauge every so often. Full instructions are included.

    Please note: The packaging that the Gauge is delivered in, may vary from that pictured above.

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