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RCD Tester 7 Day rental


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We have a simple plug in tester that allows you to test the tripping point of your consumer unit's RCD. Why would you want to know this? It's useful for safety but also to check whether your RCD isn't too sensitive which can lead to nuisance tripping. The tester also incorporates a mains wiring test to identify neutral faults (which can cause poor Hi-Fi and Home Cinema sound), or incorrect polarity - again another cause of poor Hi-Fi sound.

If the unit indicates a faulty RCD or wiring problems, you should employ a qualified electrician to investigate further and, if necessary, replace your RCD.

To use the unit, simply plug it into a mains circuit protected by your RCD.

The tester is available for 7 day loan to addresses in mainland UK only; the loan price includes re-collection of the item when you have finished with it.
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