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Russ Andrews RF Clamps

If you’ve read Russ’s various writings in the past, you’ll know that he finds the use of ferrite clamps on Hi-Fi mains cables, and interconnect and speaker cables, on the whole undesirable. Used by some manufacturers to reduce the effect of noise on a signal, Russ has always found that this was always at the expense of sound quality in a Hi-Fi system, resulting in a sound that was ‘flatter’, less engaging and less musical. In any event, Kimber’s braided technique solves noise problems with none of the drawbacks.

So why are we offering clamps now ? Good question. While we don’t recommend using them on Hi-Fi cables, they can be used successfully on non Hi-Fi components to reduce the noise they typically may put back onto the mains supply.

They are especially effective when used with any kind of light fitting that uses an LED lamp: use them on standard and table lamps that are fitted with LED bulbs (simply clip them around the mains lead that connects the lamp to the wall socket). You can also use them on pendant lamps – those hanging from your ceiling; again simply clip them around wire feeding the bulb.

As well as using them on lighting, you can also use them with electrical items that use an in-line ‘switching’ type power supply – fit the clamps onto the cable that connects the power supply to the mains wall socket. Computer peripherals such as printers often use this type of supply, but have a look what you have around the house and if you find one - get an RF Clamp on it.

We researched and tested a number of different models and selected two that we felt were the best performing by far.

Example uses

Light fittings that use an LED lamp

  • Standard lamps and table lamps that are fitted with LED bulbs

  • Lighting pendant hanging from your ceiling

  • Components with inline power supplies. Any component that has an ‘inline’ type of power supply will benefit from an RF clamp on its mains cable. Examples are computer peripherals such as printers etc; fit an RF clamp on the mains cable that links the power supply to the wall sockets. There may also be benefits to be had from fitting an additional RF Clamp between the power supply and the component.

  • Other equipment. Modern fridges, washing machines etc may benefit from an RF Clamp on their mains cables.

    Small - Fits cable up to 6mm

    Large - Fits cable up to 13mm

    There are two sizes of RF Clamp – choose the one which best suits the size of mains cable you are fitting it to. You want the correct size clamp that will not pinch or deform the cable, or is too loose.
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