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Reduce vibration from your Turntable

Ringmat have updated the Ringcap.

The new and improved version changes the type of paper used and is quite different in appearance from the old and is derived from the process of brewing! It is of a much darker colour due to beer grains in the mash, as well as other authentic brewer ingredients in the paper, instead of the cotton flock in the mix of the previous light, buff coloured paper.

This unique but simple device absorbs any vibrations which remain in the record while it is being played. Very lightweight, it comprises a single ring underneath an absorbent, low resonance disc.

Where do I use it?
Place it on top of your record while it is being played.

For even better results, use in conjunction with the LP Blue Statmat and Statcap and the Anniversary Goldspot Ringmat turntable mat.
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