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Ringmat Anniversary Goldspot

3 out of 5

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The Ringmat Anniversary GOLDSPOT turntable mat is Ringmat's best-performing turntable mat. The Ringmat sits directly on your turntable platter and helps to support your LP and reduce vibration, so that there is the minimum possible error in the signal. Typically, you’ll hear a reduction in background noise, and a cleaner, more detailed sound. Bass is deeper and more musical, too.

The new, darker paper that the Ringmat is made from is of a much darker colour due to beer grains in the mash, as well as other authentic brewer ingredients in the paper, instead of the cotton flock in the mix of the previous light-coloured paper. Ringmat refer to this as the 'Real Ale' version!

Featuring anti-resonance cut-outs, advanced acrylic adhesive the Goldspot Ringmat appears to clean the sound, improve dynamics and present information from the record in a much more natural way when compared to previous incarnations of the Ringmats.

In terms of performance it is much better than all previous Ringmats in every respect.

Where do I use it?
The Ringmat Anniversary GOLDSPOT turntable mat is designed to be used directly on your turntable platter, so that your record sits directly on top. If you're using the mat in conjunction with the Ringmat spacer kit, then the mat should always sit on top of any spacers.

You must remove your exisitng felt or rubber mat to get the best from the Ringmat. Please note that it is likely you will need to adjust your VTA when using the mat for the first time.


  • Diameter - 241mm (9.5")
  • Thickness - 2.9mm
  • Anti-resonance cut-outs
  • Advanced acrylic adhesive
  • Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 3 / 5
    3 / 5

    reviewed by Steven Elphinstone
    26 Jan 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Ringmat Ann Goldspot Real Ale"
    exultant vocals plus bass and sound stage .
    going to get rest of system some time